Outfit Snap: Casual Weekends

Outfit Snap: Casual Weekends

In mid-September I opted for a few casual outfits. I absolutely love wearing frothy, pink, frilly, sparkly lolita outfits, even though I’m not much for very over-the-top variants of sweet lolita. Despite this, sometimes I want to wear something more subdued. Something that will get slightly less hollered comments from random passers-by. For those kinds of outfits, I usually don’t wear a petticoat (for shame!) and opt for a main garment that seems toned down. Often I wear skirts and a sweater or cardigan, but these times I wore jumperskirts instead.

Lavender or Dusty Rose
Eventually I’ll wear this jumperskirt in a different way than just with this cardigan, but they match so well that it’s hard for me to picture it any other way.

For this particular Friday I wanted something feminine and sweet. It honestly doesn’t look very “lolita” to me, but that’s mostly due to the lack of petticoat. I like wearing this jumperskirt with these tights–they’re cream-coloured and have a textured design in the weave. They matched well with the off-white cardigan, as well.

I was surprised to notice that these flats, which I bought several months ago, are the same shade of pink as the ribbons on the jumperskirt. I originally planned to wear brown shoes, but since these match so closely I opted for them instead. I’m glad that I did, because I rarely have an excuse to wear these shoes. I think they’re adorable, but I worry about ruining them so I don’t wear them frequently. I usually don’t prefer flats with lolita outfits, but in this case I was satisfied.

Casual Feminine
I tried to stand just a little bit differently than usual, or at least that’s what I was thinking when the picture was taken. Despite my intentions, I look just about the same as always~

I chose to braid my hair because it was giving me a hard time. I wanted to fashion a more creative and slightly “romantic” hairstyle, like a braided hairband or something similar. I’ve been seeing a lot of really interesting ideas, particularly in suggestions for mori girl styles. I think they would be well-adapted to lolita fashion outfits that seem sweet but also classic, but I’ll have to try some other day~

Red and Cream
I had fun posing with the coffin case. It’s been wandering around my house, so I decided to stand next to it instead of temporarily shoving it out of the way.

Same cardigan and tights, different weekend and jumperskirt. I wore this to spend a day with a friend~ The weather was somewhat undecided on whether it would be decently warm or slightly chilly, so I chose to wear a cardigan. (Plus, I really love this cardigan. Ridiculously love this cardigan. I need to stop wearing it so often, but I love it so~ ♥)

Red, Cream, and Coffin
I had to take the pictures inside because it was rather late by the time I finally remembered that I hadn’t taken any! It was much too dark outside to go there for better light. I did my best to adjust the yellow cast off the pictures.

I wore this red jumperskirt because it is comfortable and casual. I knew that my day would be a mix of chores, sitting around with my friend, and possibly some kind of adventure. I love the details on this dress, particularly the white polka dots and red lace and ribbons, and I thought that those elements could stand out against the off-white and relatively understated cardigan and tights. I chose brown shoes simply because they were the only pair that seemed to match.

Overall, it was a very “lazy” outfit, but it suited me well for the day and I enjoyed wearing it. I wish I could wear more dresses with cardigans–I think that’s what I’d buy for all of my “normal” clothes if I had a larger budget.

The best part of the day was… finding pikachu slippers in Chinatown!!

Pikachuuuuuuuuuu! I love these slippers! I haven’t worn them much, because I’m afraid of getting them dirty, but I keep them sitting around because I love their cheerful smiles!

They were so ridiculously cute that I couldn’t pass them up! My husband and I have been playing Pokémon, so I was more drawn to them than I would have otherwise been. I’ve been treating these adorable slippers more like plush toys than actual slippers. I don’t want them to get dirty! When I opened the package I realized that one of them had a smear and spent quite a while cleaning its face so they’d both be cute and tidy. I love how cheerful they look~

There were a few other pair at the shops, but some of the slippers had mis-placed eyes. It gave the pikachu a less-than-gleeful expression, and more of a “totally drunk” look. When my friend and I realized it we were nearly in tears with giggles!

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