On Being Lolita: Winter Coats

On Being Lolita: Winter Coats

Autumn is here, and the chill in the air makes me think of winter coats!

BABY, the Stars Shine Bright has posted their 2010 Coat Collection in the reservation section. Angelic Pretty has added a few short jackets and capes to their jacket/coat section of the webshop. Metamorphose has their winter coats on reserve. Elegant coats and capes are on the reservation page at Victorian Maiden, as well as Mary Magdalene.

I really like the Dolly Long Cape from Angelic Pretty~ I think the design is cute in its simplicity, and the houndstooth pattern adds a nice touch.

This is my “dream coat.” (If such a thing exists~) I believe it’s called the Lovely Rabbit-Ear Coat and may be from 2005 or 2006.

There’s something about a lolita fashion winter coat that is more than just a very expensive jacket. Although they’re often not made for extremely cold winters, the shape is perfect for wearing over a lolita silhouette, and the designs are adorable. Although it is possible to wear other winter coats with a lolita outfit, oftentimes they don’t fit the silhouette very well. A few buttons have to remain unbuttoned, or the skirt is squashed and twisted at an odd angle, or the jacket is large and baggy enough to be almost shapeless.

Most of all, I adore the designs of lolita fashion coats. They often have rows of ruffles, fur trim, and lace adornment. The designs can range from simple-yet-luxurious to ornate-and-eye-catching, but they all tend to make me think of an old-fashioned dress coat that has been updated and modified to suit the tastes of lolita. It makes me feel like it’s slightly less of a shame to cover up my frilly clothing if my coat is frilled to accent it~

My coat is from 2007–“Going Out Chocola-chan.” It’s not new, rare, or sought-after, but I really love it~

Winter Coat of Coatness
This coat always gets plenty of use in the colder months, and the colder months here feel like they last quite a while~

I love the pink houndstooth, which is woven in tones of baby pink and pale cream. The small cape is such a perfect accent that I almost never unbutton it and wear the coat without it, even though that is an option. The white fake-fur adds a wintry touch to the cheerful colours, and I love that it seems even more decadent because it is dotted with imitation pearls. The buttons are pink, heart-shaped, and have a bow molded into the design. The applique of Chocola-chan, the white cat, is plush and accented with added details.

It’s not quite cold enough to start wearing my coat yet, but autumn has reminded me to take it to be cleaned before the upcoming winter season. ♥ I keep entertaining the thought of buying another coat, since there are so many lovely designs, but I don’t think I can really justify the purchase. I use my coat enough that I feel as though I have gotten a good value for it, but it would be difficult to do that all over again with a second coat. (Although, even knowing that, I still sort-of want another one~)

How do you feel about lolita winter coats? Do you have a favourite design? Do you own more than one? Or, perhaps–do you think they’re unnecessary? I’m sure that not everyone shares my warm and fuzzy feelings about them–although I’d like to image it is so~ ☆

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