Outfit Snap: Pink Strawberry Sugarbunny

Outfit Snap: Pink Strawberry Sugarbunny

Despite my internal debate about Halloween, I did dress up for the holiday. There’s a Halloween party at my office with a costume contest, so I always use that as an excuse to wear something unusual during the work day. I like that extra degree of freedom and whimsy. Most of my coworkers change into their costumes immediately before the party, but I don’t mind wandering around in something silly. I do so on a regular basis, after all!

This year my costume, lacking in real concept or execution as usual, was a “pink strawberry sugarbunny.” I own a pair of BABY, the Stars Shine Bright bunny ears that I’ve never had an opportunity to wear, so I paired them with my Cherry Berry Bunny jumperskirt and added more strawberry accessories.

Blurry Halloween Picture
This is a low-quality picture that I took at work. I didn’t remember to bring my camera, so I used my phone.

Since Cherry Berry Bunny is one of my favourite outfits to wear, I didn’t need too much of an excuse to wear it again. I decided that if I were going to wear rabbit ears I didn’t really want to be “the white rabbit” or a “bunny-girl.” There are bunnies in the print, and that was enough of a connection for me. I also brought Mallow to accompany me. I considered bringing Monsieur Lait, but he’s so large that I worried he’d get dirty during the commute.

Pink Strawberry Sugarbunny
I thought this would be a cute pose, but I just look ridiculous. I should have known!

Instead of “proper” shoes, I wore my pink sparkly sneakers. They do not add any elegance, but they do match at least in terms of colour. I wanted to add a more whimsical and casual touch than I usually have. After all, it was Halloween!

Several of my coworkers tried to guess who I was. My favourite suggestion was “Little Bunny Foo-Foo!” I have really fond memories of that nursery rhyme, but I wouldn’t want to be little bunny Foo-Foo because I don’t have the heard to bop field mice on the head. n_~

I didn’t intend to enter the costume contest, especially since I had no way of justifying or really explaining what I was. The costume contest at my office is a very serious event. My coworkers often spend a lot of time and effort on their costumes; sometimes they even rehearse small skits to perform before the judging! It’s something I really can’t compete with. However, I was pushed into it with the insistence that I represent my department, as no-one else had dressed up this year. I’m afraid I didn’t make a very strong representation, though–everyone else was much more creative! I lost spectacularly to a Garth & Wayne duo, a California roll, and Superman’s father. They all deserved it!