Update: Dot Com

Update: Dot Com

Just a brief update to announce that you can now access the Pink ♥ Milk ♥ Tea from either:


It’s really a very minor change and won’t effect anything in regards to functionality, but it makes me feel excited thinking about it. It makes it feel ~fancier~ now that it has its own domain. (Plus, I find the ability to have an email address be at “pinkmilktea.com” kind of fun!)

I was considering exporting things over and switching to a different platform, but I don’t think I’ll be doing that right away. I like the way things are at the moment; I’m not exactly itching to change everything.

I also added a little icon that will show up on your favourites. Please keep in mind that I’m really not a pixel artist–it’s a little wonky, but it should at least be decently recognizable.

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