Outfit Snap: Be My Valentine

Outfit Snap: Be My Valentine

The weekend after Valentine’s Day I attended a related meetup with my friends. It was scheduled so as not to conflict with the holiday, and was intended to be a fun and frilly time to spend with friends.

I wanted to wear something that was pink and red, but I didn’t want to wear my “token” red jumperskirt again so soon. My husband suggested Cherry Berry Bunny, and even though that has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day… I agreed. My love of pink and bunnies will always win out. At least some of the Valentine-y colours are present on this dress!

This picture is one of Soy’s pictures from the event.

It was veeeeeeery cold that day, so I wore tights beneath my knee socks. It is a bit of a trip for me to head to my friend’s house where the party was being held, so I didn’t want to freeze to death en route! I wore a long-sleeved blouse so that I could layer a long-sleeved thermal top underneath it.

I originally wrapped my pigtails in buns so that they wouldn’t get in my way during my travels or be whipped around by the wind, but I never actually remembered to unpin them during the party. Whoops! I think they seem a bit dwarfed by the hairbow, but at least I have a substantial amount of hair to try and fight back.

Two Unicorns
I could not keep my hot little hands off that unicorn.

While wearing one of my favourite outfits, I met the prince of my dreams! Bubbles is another friend’s stuffed unicorn purse, made by Pink Macaroon. I love the design of the purse in general, and Bubbles is made of wonderfully soft and thick faux fur with a shimmery horn and shimmery hooves. (I’m not sure if my friend considers Bubbles a boy or a girl unicorn, but I tend to interpret most plush toys as boys.)

She was so very nice to let me pal around with her purse all day~ ♥ I’d love to have one of my own–a Bubbles clone, if you will.

Prince of My Glittery Heart
Bubbles the unicorn, prince of my heart! (My husband was concerned to hear me speak this way until he saw a picture of his “rival.”)

I’ll share a bit more about the meetup itself very soon! ♥ It was lots of fun and I met so many lolita I hadn’t know before~

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