Outfit Snap: It’s Been a While

Outfit Snap: It’s Been a While

About two weeks ago I had a shared day off with my husband, so we enjoyed a leisurely day together. He’s one of my favourite people to spend time with, after all~ ♥ I wanted to enjoy the day to the utmost, so I dressed up.

I’ve been a bit hesitant to dress up lately, as I’ve mentioned before, due to some of the negative attention I’ve gotten more frequently in the past few months. I’ve been much more likely to wear a skirt with a cardigan than a one-piece or blouse, because I find that it’s easier for me to “blend in.” I don’t really enjoy dressing up when I go about in this manner, however. It makes me feel much less like myself; I feel more like I’m pretending to be someone that I’m not. Even if it causes comments and jeers, I like resembling a cupcake.

Wonderful Breakfast
At the café for breakfast; I had a slice of raspberry coffee cake and spiced hot chocolate.
We ate breakfast at my favourite café. ♥ I absolutely adore going there for absolutely any reason. The morning was slightly chilly, although soon the sun came out and beamed brightly enough to raise the temperature quite a bit. The chilliness of the morning made it the perfect excuse for me to order spiced hot chocolate, however. After enjoying breakfast we ran a few errands and then visited the zoo. The polar bear was out and about, swimming around in the cool water. Both my husband and I wished we could have joined the bear–the water looked so refreshing!

Pink Will Never Die
The sunlight was very bright, and thus my incredibly awkward facial expression. Oh well~
This jumperskirt is a piece I’m quite fond of. It has a very simple design; BtSSB has been using and re-using this general design for several years. I haven’t been able to wear it for a while, however; it needed some repairs. The shoulder straps are gathered with elastic, and the elastic on both sides had slackened. The result was that when I tried to wear it the bodice sagged unevenly and awkwardly. I tried to fold and pin the straps as a temporary fix, but it looked unseemly. It should have been a fairly “simple” repair, except for the fact that the ends of one of the elastic channels was beneath the grommets for the ribbon at the neckline. I took it to a tailor instead of getting involved in something I might not be able to follow through with. It wasn’t terribly expensive to have repaired, and it looks like no work was ever done to it.

When I was looking through my things to decide what to wear, the jumperskirt that I hadn’t been able to wear for a few months was an obvious choice. To keep from overwhelming the understated design, I paired it with a white blouse and white knee-high socks. (I know that over-the-knee socks and tights are much more current, but I adore knee-highs! Sometimes I feel like the only one, hee hee~) I chose pink shoes to contrast with the white socks; I don’t care for wearing the same colour socks and shoes unless my entire outfit is one hue.

Made in the Shade
I actually brought a parasol with me while we were out, and I was very glad to have it. It’s so pretty that I’m almost afraid to use it regularly.
I wish I had a headdress that would have matched this, but in lieu of that a giant hairbow was fairly satisfactory. This bow is gigantic and a but unwieldy, but I have a soft spot for it. I like very large hairbows almost as much as I like headdresses~ My hair was pulled back into two half-pigtails twisted into buns around the hair elastic. It looks a bit like I’ve had a very extreme haircut, but that’s just due to the way the buns shorten the pigtails.

I rarely carry a parasol, but this time I did–and it really came in handy! I’ve been out and about a few days since where I’ve really wished that I had a parasol with me.

It felt really nice to dress up again~ I need to start getting back into a better schedule. I’ve been going back and forth visiting family on the weekends lately, and it can be too cumbersome to pack my frills. I don’t like lugging a large bag or suitcase if I’m only going to be gone for one evening!

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