Outfit Snap: Three-Frill Weekend

Outfit Snap: Three-Frill Weekend

I feel like I’ve let too many days slip by in the autumn and early winter where I didn’t dress up (for no good reason) and very much wished that I had! I want to prevent that this year, so I’m making an effort. I keep forgetting that I have to keep making an effort, I can’t just stop at some point and expect momentum to keep me going.

Pink with Lemon Yellow
The lighting in my place just doesn’t seem to get any better, even if I try different lightbulbs!
I spent Friday with some friends, and I decided that I wanted to wear a knit shirt of some kind rather than a blouse. I remembered that I have some cutsews that I bought from TaoBao that I’ve actually never worn, so I pulled one out. It’s a pale lemon yellow with a really detailed collar. There are ruffles of lace, a few ribbons, and even rhinestones arranged in a way that looks like a necklace. I paired it with one of my favourite jumperskirts; I love the light and fluffy layers of the skirt.

When the weather is chilly and snowy, I like to keep my hair away from my face. I’ve always liked the look of pinned up braids, ever since I owned a Kirsten doll as a child. It’s something I’d like to master, as my hair can be pretty heavy and tends to un-pin itself, plus tucking in the ends of the braids isn’t something I’ve quite gotten down. I feel silly with little spikes of flipped-up tails peeking out somewhere behind my ears or at the back of my head! I wore my new favourite bow as the hair accessory of the day~ I’m really smitten with it!

The yellow sweater just happened to match my usakumya slippers! ♥ They’re the same shade of yellow~

I didn’t notice that my collar was flipped up–oops!
The next day I headed off to a Pullip meetup~ I have two Pullips at the moment, and I think the Pullip hobbyists in my area are really fun people. ♥

I really wanted to wear the blouse that I had received for Christmas, so I flipped through my closet to see what might go well. The blouse has really wide lace that gives it a very bold and old-fashioned look. I wanted to pick a jumperskirt with lace of a similar impact, so the blouse wouldn’t seem too overwhelming. I was aiming for balance. I chose this jumperskirt because the hem features some wide lace and there is very large lace on the bodice. The jumperskirt and the blouse are from the same company, and the laces used on both pieces are very much alike, although not identical.

I wore pink socks with a rose pattern and white lace at the top, but you can’t exactly see them when they’re tucked into my boots! In this kind of weather, however, the boots are a must. There’s so much slush and ice out there; I’d rather have surer footing than ruin my pretty shoes!

Simply Pink
A friend of mine took this picture at the swap meet; I’m so glad she shared it with me! My camera was having issues again.
I didn’t really wear anything spectacularly unique to the swap meet–just one of the pink and white outfits I favour so much! I really adore this dress; I’m so happy to have finally acquired it! This very same dress was the second “brand” dress that I owned…but in black. It was a lucky pack item several years back. It’s a very comfortable and cute dress, but because it was black I didn’t wear it all that frequently. I eventually traded it with my little sister, who loves black, thinking I could find it in white or pink–but it never seemed to turn up. When I spotted it in autumn of last year, I was thrilled! ♥ I wore it over the blouse from the recent Angelic Pretty set. We noted at the swap meet that there were three (or four?) of us all wearing the same blouse…and another friend of mine just received one, too!

I styled my hair in these curls because I was lucky enough to get a ride to the swap meet and didn’t have to worry about wind and rain or snow adding any more frizz than I already have. This dry and often damp chilly weather is not exactly friends with my evil hair~ I almost wore that same pink bow again, but opted for a different one to add some variety.

It was a lot of fun to dress up three days in a row~ ♥ I want to take advantage of it when I can!

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