Ballet Barre: Six Months In

Ballet Barre: Six Months In

All of my positions need a lot of improvement. I’m trying to tuck my heel in, but I need to work on my turnout to do it well!

I’ve been taking adult beginner ballet classes for 6 months now~ I can’t say that I’m amazing at it or that I’ve seen all that much improvement, but I am still having a good time attending classes. ♥ The first two months–December and January–were a bit difficult for me to maintain regular attendance in class due to various holidays and spending time with my family. As soon as I was back in the city on a regular basis I did my best to commit to a consistent schedule.

It’s gotten much less scary the more regularly I attend! I look forward to being in class now, rather than forcing myself to go. I’m much more friendly with the other students; I’ve gotten over a good deal of my initial terrified shyness. There are a lot of very nice and very welcoming people that I enjoy taking class alongside. Despite my (understandably unreasonable…) fears, no one teases me or makes me feel like I am wasting time or space. I feel like I mark my weeks with the fun things I’m looking forward to: ballet class, knit night, game night~ 🌟

I don’t even miss sleeping in on the weekends. (I take one class Saturday morning and one class Sunday morning.) …Okay, maaaaaaaaaaybe I miss it a little bit, like this week, but not enough that I won’t be up and ready, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, to be there! ^_~

Sloooowly working on strengthening and improving the flexibility of my feet. Maybe someday~
Although I’ve been in class for a while, I’m still a very beginner “beginner.” I’ve recently been trying to work on improving some of the things I know I need the most help with. My core strength is weak. My turnout muscles are not developed. My balance is wobbly. I have a moderate amount of flexibility, but my muscles are not able to support me when I try to do anything other than stand still. (I’ve been enjoying the “technique tips” videos that Kathyrn Morgan makes. They’re easy to follow along and seem to be helping me.)

I’m not going to be performing on stage, so I try not to get discouraged about my glacial-slow progress. I have all the time I need to work on my training and technique. I’d love to someday advance to a higher class level, but I want to do so when I’m no longer being challenged by the basic and beginner classes I’m taking. I definitely can’t say that is what’s going on right now! None of my classes are the type to use a graded syllabus or have exams, so I can keep working at my pace.

I really enjoy reading ballet blogs–both from professional dancers and other adult beginners. It’s nice to see what other people are doing~ A lot of adult beginner ballet blogs like to post pictures of the outfits they’re going to wear to class; people have beautiful custom leotards, fancy skirts, stylish warm-ups, or special shoes~ ♥_♥ …I can’t say I have anything like that to share.

It’s always a bit embarrassing taking pictures of myself before or after class! I didn’t get any that were in focus. ;__;

I’m mindful of my budget right now–I want to have money to pay for class, so I don’t get to spend it on attire. I’m always the person who looks like she didn’t know that adult ballet students don’t have to wear a uniform. ^_~ I can live with that. My short-sleeved black leotards have been about $11 each… Much less than some of the gorgeous Yumiko leotards! I know there are some nice things I’d like to have in the future… but just like I do with my lolita wardrobe, I have to plan.

As it is, I’m having so much fun~ ♥ I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend!

4 thoughts on “Ballet Barre: Six Months In

  1. I’m an adult and I just started ballet also! On my first day I walked into class and I was the only one wearing tights and a leotard and I felt extremely overdressed. But I do like the sort of more traditional outfits, so I’ll probably continue to dress that way. Also, your feet look lovely! I’m so glad that you’re blogging again!

    1. Thank you~! It’s kind of interesting–in my area, I am faaaaar from the only one in a leotard and tights. (But I’ve definitely heard from others that it’s not the norm at all in their area.)

  2. Hello Alice. For a couple of years, I’ve been looking at your site on Flickr. You have beautiful clothes and you are a pretty girl. Do you wear your clothes always in the spare time or only on some days. I am a sweet lolita. I would like to know if you still go to the ballet lessons. Greetings vom Germany Sarah

    1. I am extremely late to reply, but yes—I’m still taking ballet lessons (usually two or three classes per week)! Sometimes I take the intermediate level, but I am not very good…but at least it’s fun!

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