Outfit Snap: Minori Meets Texas

Outfit Snap: Minori Meets Texas

…(And Alice Meets Minori ♥)

In early June, I traveled with the Lolita Collective to A-kon in Dallas, Texas. (It becomes clearer as I get older that I’m the kind of workaholic who finds nothing unreasonable about taking days off of work to do other work elsewhere!) I did not participate in most aspects of the convention; there’s a lot to be done when working, so my time was spent in the dealer’s hall unless it was closed—and that’s the best time for rest and nutrition. Because of this, I was not able to attend any lolita events. It was very exciting that Minori was in attendance, although I did not see her Q&A or the fashion show.

I felt very lucky to still be able to meet her—her table was located next to Lolita Collective in the dealer’s hall! ♥

Her interactions with her many fans were so heartwarming to watch! 💖✨ (I had many opportunities, after all, being nearby.) The level of excitement from her many fans remained very high, and it seemed like she was very kind and generous to everyone seeking her autograph or a picture with her. Her booth stayed quite occupied when she was present; her presence was clearly a much-desired attraction for the event!

Thankfully, she wasn’t so busy and I wasn’t so busy that I couldn’t take the opportunity to meet her as well~! 🌟 She was so nice, and so very-very-very-very cute!

Minori and me—this picture is from Minori’s Twitter! (Teppei Takazawa took this great picture—it looks great on Twitter!)

On Saturday she wore her “wormhole” outfit, inspired by the wormhole in the Christopher Nolan movie Interstellar. Her makeup and wig complimented the colours so beautifully! 🌠

I wore the “Nightmare Rising” jumperskirt from Rouge Aerie. (I try to wear things that are sold by or have been sold by the Lolita Collective; it feels more appropriate.) The short-sleeved blouse is from HMHM. The tights are Grimoire Verum “Brilliant Swan”. (I love that they have stars and swans on them~) I enjoy the Cthulhu mythos in general, so even though Cygnus on the tights has little to do with Eldritch beings, the association in my mind is conceptually “stars”.

On Sunday I bought Minori’s photo book. It’s full of so many beautiful pictures of some of her outfits! I especially love the little sketches inside the covers of the book. The outfits and the pictures of the outfits are gorgeous~ I’m very happy to have it, and even happier to have it signed by Minori herself!

Minori on Sunday, with the photo book she signed!

She very graciously agreed to take another picture with me, as well. This was her newest outfit, which she had a photoshoot for in Dallas. 💕 It has some very lovely colours and designs evocative of Native American artwork and clothing. The general appearance and details of this outfit seem so perfect for the landscape; all excellent work on Minori’s part.

On Sunday I wore a jumperskirt by I Do Declare, paired with the same blouse from the day before. (I tried to pack as efficiently as possible for this trip, which certainly came in handy when just prior to boarding my incoming flight announced that the plane was too small for roll-aboard carry-ons.) The lovely bonnet is from Belladonna~ 💝 (Unseen are “Marie Catoinette” Rosenrot tights…)

Meeting Minori was definitely the highlight of my time at the convention. 💖 I am so happy that I was able to do so~!

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