Outfit Snap: Lounging Around Casual

Outfit Snap: Lounging Around Casual

Although I personally find it to be the most fun to wear an elaborate lolita fashion outfit, coordinated with several accessories, sometimes I need more practicality. As much as blouses, jumperskirts, one-pieces, cutsews, knee-socks, and fancy shoes make me feel like a fairy, it isn’t always worthwhile.

Today I am doing housework and enjoying a “white day” with my person, so I wanted to dress up, but didn’t want to wear something I might splash with bleach from scrubbing the tub. Lazing about on the floor wrinkles skirts and petticoats, and I haven’t an iron in my new apartment. Dusting and vacuuming can become very complicated if there are trims and ribbons dangling from one’s outfit.

So I wore a skirt that I very much adore but have been unable to coordinate well. It is Bodyline‘s “fruits parlor” replica–a wonderful gift from my little sister. ♥ The skirt is gorgeous, but it uses a lot of peachy-pinks that don’t match the more violet-pinks or red-pinks in the rest of my clothing. Even the reds on the skirt aren’t similar to any reds I own–not even on a t-shirt! It can be frustrating, and I’ve rarely managed anything I want to wear to a meetup.

Since I’m going to be indoors, enjoying myself, I just wore it with a yellow tank-top (as there are yellow lemons on the skirt) and a pink sweater that isn’t the right shade. My strawberry hair-clips are the only matching part!

Regardless of disappointment in my coordination, I still feel like a lolita to sit here typing in my poofy skirt, and I certainly wouldn’t be happier in jeans!

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