Outfit Snap: Bunnies, Cherries, AND Berries

Outfit Snap: Bunnies, Cherries, AND Berries

Today was my birthday, so I celebrated by dressing up~! In my family, birthdays are always given a special importance. Even if I haven’t the money to spend for frivolities, the ability to schedule something with my busy friends, or a massively delicious dessert made in my honor, there is always something that can be done! My person was a true dear and treated me like a princess all day–he even fetched my things while I dressed.

My little sister bought the pink Cherry Berry Bunny jumperskirt from Angelic Pretty while she was on a school trip in Japan. I wanted it even before she went, but I was not able to afford to ask her for it. She returned with it anyway, because the print is truly amazing, and now I am slowly buying it from her. She dropped it off the other day, even though it is not paid off, giving me the opportunity to wear it today~ ♥

I don’t own any of the matching accessories. This isn’t much of a problem, except for the fact that Cherry Berry Bunny is trimmed in dark pink eyelet lace. The lace itself is adorable–tiny bunnies stitched into it–but it’s such an odd color choice! None of my socks or hair accessories have pink lace–it’s almost all white. I think I managed as best I could. I was very glad that at least the pinks all matched~!

Overall, my day was lovely, and being dressed up in a new something that I have yearned for since I saw pictures on the blogs added an extra-special touch! I feel so fortunate! ♥ What a happy day~

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