Meetup Report: Oh, the Horror!

Meetup Report: Oh, the Horror!

Early in the month, I attended a horror movie night! I couldn’t stay very long–my work-week has been rearranged to that I work on Sundays. This means that if I stay up too late on Saturday I am a grumbly-grumpy puff and absolutely no fun to be with after work the next day. It’s not fair to my poor person, who has to endure my company whether he likes it or not, so I try to get enough sleep to function well at work. However, the idea of a horror movie night was too intriguing! I am not scared by horror movies, so I rather enjoy them.

This meetup was being held at the house of a girl I had not yet met, but she didn’t live too far from me. I finally had an opportunity to wear my Metamorphose special set! I love the design of the most recent special set–the matching skirt and top with wrist-cuffs, all in gingham or stripes. After I bought it and had it altered, I hadn’t had an opportunity to actually wear it. Since this event called for something lolita but not really busy or formal, it seemed perfect!

It was so nice seeing everyone who was able to come! There were only about six or so lolita, but that meant there was room for everyone to sit and we could all participate in the same conversations. I was able to see a lot of people that I hadn’t seen in a while. Miss Lindsey came, too, but she was injured from having been hit by a car a few days before when she was riding her bike! o_o I feel so bad for her! Being hit by a car is a really awful experience, and she was all bandaged up from it.

She brought a doll with her, and I ended up making a fool of myself being super-dorky about it. I’m very interested in ball-jointed dolls, although I’m not a collector, and Miss Lindsey always seems to have a different doll with her. She’s very nice and doesn’t mind if I touch or hold the doll, or move her around. I like seeing how each company does the engineering of the same concept a little bit differently. This little doll had a lovely wig that I couldn’t stop touching. I’m such a little kid sometimes!

It’s especially intriguing for me since I bought a doll and am waiting for her to arrive. It makes me really anxious! I’m sure some people will think it’s stupid, since I could have bought more lolita clothing, but I can’t resist really cute toys! (Although I wonder if my My Little Pony army will have an uprising…)

I was only able to stay for two movies, but I had a really good time. The girl who hosted the movie night was very sweet, and I was glad to meet her and another girl for the first time! I hope I see them again at something soon~

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