Outfit Snap: Special Set Pink Stripe

Outfit Snap: Special Set Pink Stripe

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I fell in love with the most recent Metamorphose special set as soon as I saw it. The promotional pictures of the skirt, blouse, wrist-cuffs, and hairbow looked unbelievably adorable no matter what fabric–gingham or stripes. The pink striped fabric is so cute that I really-really-really wanted it even though I don’t often fit in Metamorphose. When I found out that a local lolita was selling it, though, I couldn’t resist…even though it was too big.

I pleaded with my little sister to use her amazing sewing magic to take it in, although she hates altering Japanese brand clothing. (Especially for me–my measurements are really strange, so it’s hard to get things just right!) She did a really great job, though! I hope to wear it more often! The ruffles make it kind of overwhelming, but it’s so cute that I don’t really care. I just wish the hairbow wasn’t on a barrette. It can be hard to work into a hairstyle.

The weather has been really unpredictable lately, so I wore an unflattering sweatshirt. It seemed a little too warm for it when I went outside all zipped up under my coat, but I was glad I had it when I came home that night. I don’t have any nice lolita fashion cardigans or parkas, but maybe someday I’ll get some. I know that my sweatshirt isn’t pretty, but it’s soooo comfy and pink. ♥

This ended up being a good outfit choice for the movie night. It wasn’t the sort of thing I had to worry too much about, and I was mostly safe from dropping cookie crumbs or breadstick sauce on myself thanks to the sweatshirt. I also didn’t take up too much space on the sofa…but that’s okay, since I sat on the floor for most of it anyway.

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