Outfit Snap: Times Three!

Outfit Snap: Times Three!

I’ve been procrastinating too much! I finally stopped caving into excuses and wore my finery this weekend. Besides lolita fashion, my closet is boooooooring. I absolutely-positively-definitely-completely-utterly hate clothes shopping. When I’ve been ignoring my frilly clothing for a while, I start to get into a mindset where I think that I don’t have time or energy for the effort of wearing lolita…even though it isn’t true! It doesn’t take me very long at all, and the resulting good mood is worth it ten times over~ ♥

After going through my camera when I got home on Saturday, I realized I hadn’t even posted my pictures from St. Patrick’s Day in mid-March. (Whoops!) It’s not too much of a loss–they’re not very good pictures. I went to see the St. Patrick’s Day parade on the Saturday before the actual holiday. My little sister met me, and we coordinated in almost-identical green plaid. I wore my green plaid hairbow and jumperskirt from BABY, the Stars Shine Bright, and she wore a suit-jacket and skirt set from BtSSB. We thought the plaid was identical, but upon further inspection it’s juuuuuust slightly different. (Still a little bit disappointing.)

St. Patrick's Day

I kept hearing rumors about awesome weather on Friday, and luckily they turned out to be true! I took it as an opportunity to wear my Twinkle Tartan skirt. I absolutely adore tartan, but pink is always sold out by the time I am ready to buy. I was lucky to purchase this skirt off a girl I know–and it’s such a lovely pink that I couldn’t be more satisfied!

Bows and Sneakers

The clip-on pochette is the best part, in my opinion. I have dismal luck with purses. Unless it’s attached to me, I’m probably going to leave it behind. This is one of the reasons that, when wearing my “normal” clothing, I wear a jacket even in ridiculously warm weather–without coat pockets, I don’t know where to put my stuff. The case that clips onto this skirt is the perfect size to hold all of my necessities. Since it’s attached to me, I can’t easily leave it behind, either! Win-win situation~

I tried a new style with my hair. I’ve been seeing twin buns more frequently, although usually of the teased and Mickey-Mouse-ear-esque variety, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I discovered that I have so much hair that I have to carefully form cinnamon-bun-like structures, pinning as I go, or the weight pulls it right out! x_x I kept trying to just wrap them like a “normal” bun, only to watch everything unloop and droop down as soon as the second elastic was secure.

Hair Rolls

This was also an excuse to wear my new glittery pink sneakers! My mother spotted these when we were at Old Navy. (Unfortunately, they don’t have these listed on the website, only the graphic sneakers! Such a shame!) The store we were at didn’t have my size, but another one we passed later that day did. I hadn’t worn them yet, since I don’t own a lot of things that go with sneakers. Originally I planned to wear my white tea party shoes, but my husband suggested the sneakers–a very good suggestion! They’re the same colour as the glitter stripe in Twinkle Tartan! ♥ So cool!!

To accommodate my work schedule, my family celebrated Easter on Saturday. I wanted to dress up, but didn’t want something over the top. (Okay, that’s not true. I wanted something over the top–I was thinking pink Easter bunny–but wanted to respect the fact that not everyone else shares my enthusiasm for such silly things.)

Several months ago my little sister gave me an Innocent World jumperskirt in a dusty pink hue. It matches hers, which is black. I hadn’t worn it yet, because it’s a shade of pink that doesn’t exist elsewhere in my closet. When browsing through my closet–I had thought to wear a non-lolita sundress–it caught my attention. The lilac-tinted pink reminds me of flowers and Easter eggs. Coincidentally it was the same shade as the hopping bunny wind-up toy in my Easter basket~ ♥

Easter Frills

The off-white cardigan was also from my little sister…so her kind generosity provided my Easter outfit. n_~ I think I should find an extra-special birthday present for her this year–I’d hate to have her think she’s under-appreciated. If only I could actually buy her a chicken…

Daily Life: Little Happinesses

Daily Life: Little Happinesses

Lately it’s been too easy for me to feel frustrated and stressed out. Instead of wallowing in unpleasant thoughts, I want to focus on the good things. (My life is really not that bad, seriously. I feel frustrated when I hear people complaining on-and-on about how terrible and difficult everything is for them if they are generally well, so I don’t want to be hypocritical.) I’ve been feeling very guilty about neglecting to make entries here, so at least this is a little push in the right direction.

Glitter Glitter Sneakers

Some of My Favourite Little Happinesses:

  • Wearing lace-topped knee socks to the office on Sundays
  • Getting another stamp on my Beard Papa’s punch card
  • Rainbow-coloured Easter bread from Central Continental Bakery
  • Sunlight reflected off my pink glittery sneakers
  • Being woken up by wheeking guinea pigs
  • Emailing my mother funny animated YouTube videos
  • Checking to see what is and isn’t sold-out on the Angelic Pretty website
  • Daydreaming about cuddling an usakumya
  • Looking at beautiful Volks Nono pictures on Flickr
  • Rolling around on the floor of my sparsely-furnished home
  • …Even better if my little sister has initiated the rolling
  • Having friends over to drink tea and bake cupcakes
  • Hopping onto the #8 at last-minute notice to visit my little sister
  • Poking my husband in the ribs
  • Picking up neatly-pressed lolita clothing from the dry cleaners
  • Fantasy-shopping on FredFlare for all the things I’ll never buy
  • Watching “my penguin” at the zoo
  • Changing the music in my little brother’s car
  • Eating fancy-schmancy overpriced waffles from the shop where they scream at you
  • Hearing my grandmother’s voice over the phone change when she realizes it’s me
  • Staring at my wedding ring and remembering how lucky I am

What are some of the things you are happy because of? ♥ I’m sure that everyone puts significance on different “little” things. I need to be a better Alice and pay more attention to mine!