Daily Life: Little Happinesses

Daily Life: Little Happinesses

Lately it’s been too easy for me to feel frustrated and stressed out. Instead of wallowing in unpleasant thoughts, I want to focus on the good things. (My life is really not that bad, seriously. I feel frustrated when I hear people complaining on-and-on about how terrible and difficult everything is for them if they are generally well, so I don’t want to be hypocritical.) I’ve been feeling very guilty about neglecting to make entries here, so at least this is a little push in the right direction.

Glitter Glitter Sneakers

Some of My Favourite Little Happinesses:

  • Wearing lace-topped knee socks to the office on Sundays
  • Getting another stamp on my Beard Papa’s punch card
  • Rainbow-coloured Easter bread from Central Continental Bakery
  • Sunlight reflected off my pink glittery sneakers
  • Being woken up by wheeking guinea pigs
  • Emailing my mother funny animated YouTube videos
  • Checking to see what is and isn’t sold-out on the Angelic Pretty website
  • Daydreaming about cuddling an usakumya
  • Looking at beautiful Volks Nono pictures on Flickr
  • Rolling around on the floor of my sparsely-furnished home
  • …Even better if my little sister has initiated the rolling
  • Having friends over to drink tea and bake cupcakes
  • Hopping onto the #8 at last-minute notice to visit my little sister
  • Poking my husband in the ribs
  • Picking up neatly-pressed lolita clothing from the dry cleaners
  • Fantasy-shopping on FredFlare for all the things I’ll never buy
  • Watching “my penguin” at the zoo
  • Changing the music in my little brother’s car
  • Eating fancy-schmancy overpriced waffles from the shop where they scream at you
  • Hearing my grandmother’s voice over the phone change when she realizes it’s me
  • Staring at my wedding ring and remembering how lucky I am

What are some of the things you are happy because of? ♥ I’m sure that everyone puts significance on different “little” things. I need to be a better Alice and pay more attention to mine!

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