Outfit Snap: Casual Easter Roses

Outfit Snap: Casual Easter Roses

I celebrated Easter with my family on Saturday, because of my work schedule. After some consideration, I decided to also wear lolita to work on Easter Sunday. There would be less people in the office (in fact, I only saw two other people), no chance of clients dropping by unannounced, and little work to be done. I was correct in my assessment–it really was a good day to wear lolita fashion to work! However, I still opted for something casual, instead of formal, on the chance that someone did drop by. As much as I adore being a lolita, I’d prefer to be recognized for my work rather than for my clothing habits.

I wore a beautiful BABY, the Stars Shine Bright skirt that was a gift from my little sister, but I paired it with a shirt and cardigan that I usually wear with my jeans. I usually don’t consider frilly knee-socks to be casual, because they attract a lot of attention. After considering tights I decided against them because I wanted to keep more pink in the outfit–also, I own a pair of pink socks with white roses in the pattern, and they seemed like a good choice to pair with the skirt.

Casually Pink

This picture was taken outside in the rain. The day started off beautifully. My husband surprised me at my office and took me out on a date! ♥ We were able to go to a restaurant we’d been considering but avoiding due to long waits. Well, on Easter Sunday that wasn’t a problem at all. However, when we were finished eating it started to rain! My husband evidently thought that this meant no pictures, but I am determined. He obligingly took a few when we got home before shooing me inside.

I hope everyone else enjoyed Easter, if you celebrated it! ♥ Next year I want to attend an Easter egg hunt~ Maybe I’ll try to take the Sunday off.

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