Outfit Snap: White Blossoms

Outfit Snap: White Blossoms

There is a definite level of redundancy with my outfits. My wardrobe is limited, without frequent turnover. When I buy something I get very attached to it, so I want to keep wearing it instead of selling it to buy something new. My white Angelic Pretty one-piece is probably one of the items I will never part with. It is basically my favourite dress and makes me want to own more white OPs.

White Magnolia Blossoms

I wore it this Friday because I knew I couldn’t wear lolita fashion to the bridal shower on Saturday. I spent the day with my best friend, who is not a lolita, so I tried to be a little bit more casual. (Although, honestly, she doesn’t care in the slightest. We’ve been friends too long to be embarrassed by the others’ appearance, no matter how frilly.) So I wore a zip-up sweater over my dress. One of these days I will get an Angelic Pretty parka for this purpose; I’m sure I would wear the thing to death in and out of lolita outfits.

I intended to have small bows in my hair, but the ones I tried to wear kept flipping and moving around. I caught my reflection in a shop window and thought, “Good heavens!” I absolutely had to take them out. I’m thinking about making some small white clips akin to the kind that match my red polka-dot jumperskirt. Those are always easy to wear. Instead, I stuck these bows on the pockets of my hoodie. I wish I could remember what these bows originally belonged to!

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