Outfit Snap: Festively Red

Outfit Snap: Festively Red

Bleeding Hearts

My husband was very excited about St. George’s Day this Friday, so he requested that I wear red. (There was also a request to slay a dragon, but that was ultimately not to be.) I didn’t mind a chance to wear my sailor cutsew~ I’m a huuuuuuuuuge fan of Sailor Moon, so I have a very intense weakness for sailor collars. And huge bows. As this cutsew combines both of those things, I absolutely love it! I hope that some day I can own it in pink~ ♥ I’d have more opportunities to wear it.

I wore it with my red jumperskirt, so overall it was a very, very red outfit. Cherry socks, too, because I love them! Metamorphose always makes such wonderful socks. I just wish their shade of pink matched Angelic Pretty‘s pink–it’s always a little bit darker or “duskier.”

A Red Sailor

In my continuing quest to not always wear my hair the same, I came up with a new style. I like trying to copy Sailor Moon’s hairstyle (because, as mentioned previously, I really like Sailor Moon), but there are many different opinions on what is the “correct” way to do the style. Some think it’s a knot at the top of the ponytail, others a wrap-around of a different section, and still others a bun. I’m sure there are probably more theories I am neglecting to mention~ The knot method requires the most hair, so it is somewhat difficult to do correctly without having itty-bitty pigtails. I tried the knot method with “half” pigtails, because my hair is very thick. I was very pleased with the result~

It doesn’t look anything like the hairstyle from the series, but it is quite cute. Even better, I can hold the knots in place with only one hairpin! Whenever I try more elaborate styles that involve many hairpins, it’s such a hassle to take them all out at the end of the day. Inevitably I miss one, and it stabs me when I lay down to sleep. ;_; It’s much harder to lose a single hairpin. I’ll definitely wear my hair this way again.

I dressed up on Saturday, as well, but… it didn’t really last. I couldn’t get my hair to cooperate with what I had intended, and the constant touching and brushing as I tried again and again just made it frizzier and frizzier. I finally gave up and settled on something else, but the damage was already done, and there wasn’t time to wash and condition my hair again to get it under control. When I tried to add hair accessories, they just wouldn’t stay in place! @_@ I’d move, and the bows would flop right off.

Creepy Alice Ghost

I was already a little bit on the less-than-cheery side of things because my husband was leaving for the weekend. Unfortunately, I let the little things get to me. When we stepped outside to take some pictures, I got frightened by a passerby (although they did absolutely nothing), and bolted back indoors. We tried to take a few quick pictures anyway, but I was completely spooked and it didn’t end well. It’s too bad, but sometimes things happen.

Overall it wasn’t a bad day, although it definitely felt like it for a while. My mother and stepfather surprised me by coming into the city and taking me to dinner. And, honestly, it’s hard to be in a terribly bad mood when you’ve received an usakumya to cuddle. ♥

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