Outfit Snap: Polka Dots and Jewelry Jelly

Outfit Snap: Polka Dots and Jewelry Jelly

No traveling or hard-work for me this weekend, so of course I wore lolita fashion~ Lately I’ve been thinking more frequently of and giving more consideration to the idea of wearing the style to work, but regardless of any future decisions, the weekends are mine to enjoy with fun clothes! This weekend coincided with the arrival of some new things–dresses, socks, and accessories that I had been awaiting for a little while. There’s always a lot of excitement for me about getting something new, so I tried to wear everything~

Wow, A Pink Alice
I love taking pictures outside. The sunlight, even at odd hours of the day, is so much better than the shadows in my house~

I love pink (obviously), polka-dots, Angelic Pretty, and bows–so this dress and I were off to a good start from the moment I spotted it on the website. I was very surprised to find out that a friend of mine had the dress and would be selling it, so by this series of coincidences I was able to purchase it~ My little sister owns the same dress in black with pink polka-dots; she found it while on her trip in Japan.

The dress comes with the choker, and I also purchased the socks at the same time. However, I think in the future I’ll wear different socks. These socks do match, but the bows on the back are a much darker, “dustier” pink that isn’t elsewhere on the dress. I suspect they’ll match a different dress I own that has these same colours.

Failing at Cute
The socks have pink polka-dot bows down the back! I love that extra detail.

I didn’t wear a hair accessory. My original idea was to pull my hair back at the sides and affix a polka-dot bow, but I couldn’t get the bows to stay in place. I had a friend over that same day, so I didn’t want to waste the time fussing with my hair instead of having fun with my guest. ♥ Due to the lack of hair accessory I feel that my outfit is a bit “unfinished,” but it was still fun to wear!

Alice and the Nono
This is my new doll of amazing doll-ness, who I opened on Friday. Just so excited that I wanted to share, even though it’s not a very flattering picture of me.

Saturday was one of those days with no plans, no events, and no errands. Quite honestly, I didn’t know what to do with myself! I flip-flopped between being very productive to keep from being totally bored and being so totally bored that I couldn’t even imagine being productive. I dressed up anyway, which at least added some sparkle to my day.

The version of the Jewelry Jelly jumperskirt that I own is incredibly comfortable. ♫ My little sister bought it on my behalf although I hadn’t asked her for it, and she sent me a message letting me know that she wasn’t sure if I’d really like it, but she had bought it because it was very cute and amazingly comfortable. I didn’t quite know what she meant, since I don’t find any of my clothes particularly uncomfortable. Then I saw it in person and tried it on.

Essentially, the jumperskirt is super comfortable because of the design. It has a fully-shirred back, no zipper, and isn’t high-waisted. The shirring across the back is nicely spaced, plus the elastic is not so tight that one feels squeezed, yet not so loose that the back hangs. It’s really nice! ♫ It’s actually a general “type” much like my red polka-dot jumperskirt, although the details of the design are totally different, which is similarly comfortable!

Pink Jewelry Jelly
This is pretty atypical for me as an outfit, but it’s still pink, pastel, and fluffy. I should have put my hands in front, so the wristcuffs could be seen. They’re so cute!

In general, I don’t wear jumperskirts without blouses. It’s not that I feel this is a lolita fashion “cardinal sin,” just that I like wearing blouses. I don’t like having my shoulders uncovered–it’s a quirk of mine. In non-lolita I rarely ever wear short sleeves unless I am indoors and among people I am at ease with–even though I’m not particularly self-conscious about my arms. (I particularly wear this infamous really ugly coat all the time because it keeps me covered, even on 90+°F days!) However, I really like the design of this jumperskirt–the thin straps with ruffles of lace made me want to wear it with a sort of “sundress” inspiration~ ★

Jewelry Parka Jelly
It almost looks like I’m holding the skirt, but I’m actually clenching my fists…not that I have a particular reason to do so.

I headed out to the library, so I threw on a hoodie that didn’t really match, just for some coverage. The socks are also from my little sister; I think they match pretty nicely. I don’t own much else that has pink and blue, but Jewelry Jelly is a very colourful design.

I also have the Jewelry Jelly wristcuffs, but I’m not quite sure how to wear them. I wore them on my wrists for most of the day, but it felt like jewelry–which I am terrible with. I can’t help fussing with them, and then I take them off and put them back on and take them off again and put them somewhere else and forget where I put them! I’d really like to wear the wristcuffs in my hair (like scrunchies), but I haven’t figured out a good way to do so. When I wrap them it bunches up the lace, and I don’t want to permanently alter them.

I did find some hair baubles in my collection that seem to fit with the design pretty well, though~ They’re multi-faceted pink heart “crystals.” If I could find star shapes of a similar nature, in either pink, blue, lavender, or mint, it would match even better! I’m going to be on the lookout.

Sneaky Cinnamalice
This is my “up to no good” face. …So basically my daily expression.

Although, honestly, my “hair accessory” for most of the day was a set of Cinnamoroll ears that my little sister brought back from Sanrio’s Puroland. Puroland is like Disneyland, just owned and operated by another company. My little sister adores Cinnamoroll (although probably not as much as I always seem to think when I buy random Cinnamoroll things to give to her), so she opted for his floppy puppy ears during her trip. They came into my possession upon her return, since my head is stupidly tiny and so is the headband.

I keep wearing them around the house, because it’s fun and I find them comfortable. However, I keep forgetting that I’m wearing them! I’ve almost walked out of the house more than once as a Cinnamalice…which would have been so embarrassing! (Yes, random ears are embarrassing even though I don’t think my clothes are! It’s just how my mind works~ n_~)