Outfit Snap: Three Days of Weekend

Outfit Snap: Three Days of Weekend

On Thursday, I had plans to meet with some friends after work. I didn’t want to let time at office get in the way of me having fun, so I threw together a casual coordination with lolita fashion elements. I’m not quite up for flouncing into my building in Cherry Berry Bunny, but I would like to have more freedom. I already don’t have to wear business casual; our dress code is essentially “don’t be naked.”

Post-Work Frillz
This is a really awful picture, but it was very late when I finally got home! No other choice, really.

I wanted to wear a t-shirt that my little sister had given me. It has a cute kitten next to a glass bottle of milk, both adorned with bows. I picked the gray and white striped socks because the kitten is gray-ish and I didn’t want to wear socks with lace at the edge. Knee-socks already seem to catch a lot of attention, but lace-topped socks always get lots of stares. Since there isn’t much lace elsewhere, they seemed to me to be too formal. I also wore a gray cardigan with this outfit while in the office, since the air conditioning is always on full-blast.

This skirt is one of the easiest things to wear casually. It matches a lot of my “normal” clothing, and is pretty comfortable (except for the abnormally high waist). I wore it with a very weak pannier, because I didn’t want to be sitting in my good petticoat all day or squeezing onto rush-hour buses and trains at my fluffiest. I had a bag of things I was bringing to my friends, so I wouldn’t have a very easy time holding my skirts out of other people’s ways.

The glittery sneakers were another non-formal touch. Honestly, I just don’t get to wear them enough, but I really like them! My husband suggested them, and I couldn’t resist once it was mentioned. My coworkers really liked the shoes; I think it was their favourite element!

Rockin' Berry Bunny
I love my sunglasses. I can’t help grinning like an idiot whenever I’m wearing them!

On Friday, I was peeking through my closet and trying to decide what to wear, when my husband elected Cherry Berry Bunny. (I think I may have to rename it my “Strawberry Shortcake” dress–that’s what everyone says when I wear this dress! Clearly, those people don’t remember Strawberry Shortcake. She doesn’t really look like this in any incarnation.) I paired it with pink polka-dot hairbows that my little sister gave me; they don’t match exactly, but it’s pretty close.

I picked the strawberry socks and fake heart-buckle shoes. I think there’s something about the placement of the white stripe and silver buckle on the shoe that looks nice with the print of the jumperskirt. It seems balanced without being a complete match. Overall, nothing in this outfit is a “complete” match. I don’t think I’ll ever own the hairbow (as much as I really want it) unless I magically have a million dollars or people start selling their inexpensively to fund Milky Planet.

Cherry Sunny Bunny
My husband’s suggestion for this picture was “strike the triumphant pose.” He then told me my kind of triumph is like that of a little kid.

I had fun with the hairstyle, as well. There’s nothing particularly innovative about it, but it worked out better than I had expected. I really wanted to leave my hair down, but I also wanted it off my neck. Low pigtails did the trick! The weather has been pretty warm and sunny; it’s beautiful, but it can get a bit oppressive. Since we don’t have air conditioning…sometimes it’s almost too much! The ceiling fan has been on non-stop since June.

For some reason this outfit elicited more reactions than normal. I felt kinda bad, because my husband was really upset by some of the less-than-nice comments directed our way. I always get a bit worried that he will eventually decide that my eccentricities are too much. He reassured me about how he feels, but said I’ll just have to accept that part of him being himself includes intolerance towards idiots trying to mess with his wife. ♥

Blocking the Fountain
I wanted a picture with this certain fountain in the background, but instead I am basically right in front of that fountain. Darn!

June 10th is always one of my favourite days of the year, so I probably would have dressed up even if it were the middle of the work-week! This Saturday was my six-year anniversary! ♥ My husband and I haven’t been married for six years, but we’ve been together for six years–and that’s the anniversary that matters most to us. (Although I won’t pass up the chance to celebrate our wedding anniversaries, either!)

I wanted to pick something elegant. I almost wore my wedding dress, but I don’t quite have everything I need for a summer coordination with that dress. I’ll have to get some new socks and wristcuffs before I can attempt that. That dress is so pretty that I don’t want to be dissatisfied when wearing it again–I’d rather wait. This blue dress has special significance to me, as it was one of the three “first things” I ever bought from a Japanese brand when I started wearing lolita fashion. It’s also less cutesy than most of my other garments.

I wanted to try something a little bit different, as I almost always wear it as a “complete set” with the other items purchased at that time. This time, I wore an ivory lace hairbow instead of the matching headdress, and chose heeled shoes instead of flats.

Blue Anniversary Floral
This picture does a good job of hiding my neon-pink nail polish, which absolutely does not match my elegant outfit.

I particularly like how well it paired with the shoes. I’ve been waiting for a chance to wear these shoes! They’re very comfortable, mostly due to the low heel. Wearing them with socks helped prevent blisters; my feet always suffer when I wear shoes without socks or stockings, particularly the first time. It would have been more elegant with sheer stockings, I think, but I don’t have any so it wasn’t really an option at the time.

In the future, I should think about how my nail polish might match outfits before I paint my nails. I was feeling summery, so I chose a shade of neon pink…and then wore a floral dress with pastel blue and ivory. You can’t see it very well in any pictures, but it’s quite shocking in real life! Oh well~ I own several shades that would go very nicely with this dress; I should have considered it beforehand.

I had a lovely anniversary, including a dinner-date, and look forward to many more years together~ ♥ I couldn’t dream of someone more wonderful!