Outfit Snap: Very Parasol Day

Outfit Snap: Very Parasol Day

Although I still worked on Sunday, on Monday I did not! (Thanks to the national holiday~) This could mean only one thing–lolita style! My husband and I planned to spend the day together, and went out for crêpes. There is a particular crêpe restaurant that I prefer–the Icosium Kafe (sometimes also known as the Crêpe and Coffee Palace). We managed to get there just before it became very crowded, which was quite lucky~

At the Gate
I’m very glad that I finally got a picture under this arch! I’ve been wanting to have a picture taken while standing beneath it.

My husband picked my outfit on this day. When it comes down to it, if I’m dressing up “for” anyone, he is the target. Lolita fashion is mostly something I do for me, but I know that he has opinions and prefers certain dresses or outfits. Since I love him (we did get married, after all), I like to wear things that I know he likes. There’s something fun about impressing the person you like, even if they already like you. ♥

He had the Jewelry Jelly jumperskirt in mind, but since I had worn that so recently he quickly opted for this jumperskirt instead. I toyed with the idea of patterned socks at first, but white socks were his recommendation. With the white blouse, the white socks give the outfit a very “traditional” look. I think it puts the focus on the jumperskirt, which actually has a lot of detail despite seeming “plain” at first glance. ★ I’ll have to wear the Jewelry Jelly jumperskirt for him soon, though. He seems really fond of it!

Traditionally Pink
I tried to do a “cute” pose that isn’t my normal “look I’m standing here,” but I always remain kinda awkward.

The only thing I dislike about the Angelic☆School jumperskirt is the zipper! Lolita brands are notorious for their use of bad zippers, but this jumperskirt takes the cake! A lot of the zippers used in lolita garments are invisible zippers that just aren’t heavy-duty enough for the fabric involved. Typically a lolita garment has a lot of bulk at the waist seam, and that is where the zippers get stuck. Oftentimes they warp or just break, and need to be replaced. Sometimes it’s easier to fight with the zipper when the dress is flat, pull it on over my head, and adjust the back lacing.

I was also excited about a chance to wear my new shoes from Bodyline! I own very few pairs of shoes, but now I have one more pair! These were just a bit too big for me, so I hadn’t been able to wear them until I got some insoles to take up the extra space and keep my puny feet from sliding around. I think the sizing for the actual BABY, the Stars Shine Bright shoes might be slightly smaller, so I might be better off with a non-replica pair at some point.

New Parasol Present
I had a really hard time holding the parasol so that the pattern could be seen, because it is so flat. I’ll have to take a separate picture of the design later.

After we paused to taking pictures under the arched gate, an elderly gentleman sitting in his car beckoned me over. He told us that he lives nearby, which doesn’t surprise me very much because I’ve noticed him before, and he asked me where “the other girl” was. I think he’s jumbled all of my friends that come and go into one “extra” lolita! He complimented my “costume,” and then extended something out the window–a collapsed Chinese parasol–and said it was for me because it matched my dress.

I felt very awkward; I don’t like taking things from strangers, and particularly from elderly people because I have known some who like to give more gifts than they can sustain. I tried to decline, but he was very insistent. In the end, I accepted and thanked him profusely; I was too worried about offending him if I didn’t take it. It’s very nicely made, with painted pink and yellow roses on white fabric. I’ll have to put it to good use!