Outfit Snap: Polka-Dot Weekend

Outfit Snap: Polka-Dot Weekend

In mid-July, I was doing pretty well with my resolution to wear lolita on the weekends! I decided it was my “master plan” to wear all pink polka-dots, as I now have two polka-dot one-pieces. The only problem with this plan is that one of the dresses is very short, but I finally found a workable solution!

Moar Polka Dots
The extra ruffles really make up for the otherwise-lacking length! I’m so glad to have found a way to wear this dress.

I’ve tried everything with this dress–underskirts (most of which just don’t match, due to the fabric and lace used), wearing tights, wearing over-the-knee socks, contemplating adding another ruffle to the bottom–but still it is very short. It’s the shortest dress that I own, and I can’t understand why it was made at such a length! At some point I started thinking about some of the layering on the outfits in Alice Deco À La Mode, so I browsed through my wardrobe.

I remembered that I own this Bodyline skirt, which has a look to it as if there is an overskirt and then a ruffled underskirt. On a whim, I put it on under my dress…and it looked really nice!

Extra Ruffles
This picture better shows the cute design on the sides of the skirt! The lace is very interesting.

For the rest of the outfit I kept things very simple; I would have done more with polka-dots if I owned more polka-dotted items–I think I need some socks! I have a polka-dot parasol, which I carried with me. I had fun wearing my hair in braided pigtails–it keeps it off my neck, which was really nice on a warm day…particularly when you’re wearing two skirts.

Pink Dots Again
I decided to wear the dress without the choker, but this time I wore the hairbows my little sister gave me! They’re a perfect match!

The next day I wore my other polka-dot dress, which is quickly becoming one of my favourites. I love everything about the design–the ruffles of lace at the bottom, the gathered section on the bodice, the many bows–some lace and some fabric. It has a very “casual” feeling to it, as well. I don’t mean that the design is less-than-detailed or unsuited for formal occasions. There’s just something about the dress’s design that makes it comfortable and easy to wear.

I paired it with matching hairbows that were a gift from my little sister. I also tried to style my hair nicely and in a way suitable for the warm weather, so I pinned it up in braided buns. I think it looked very nice, but it took some work to get the coils pinned just so…and the next morning in the shower I was still combing out more hairpins! I don’t think it effectively highlighted the hairbows, though–that’s something I’ll work on in the future.

Stop... Polka Time!
My husband was having fun taking pictures of my “dancing.” I’m sure this makes it obvious that I am very, very bad at dancing. I always look absurd!

Just wanted to end with a silly picture. Sometimes I hate standing still! (Even though I look really awkward when in motion!)

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