Update: Almost Back on Track

Update: Almost Back on Track

Creme Puff has been on antibiotics for two weeks, trying to heal his lesion. He just had his checkup, and the doctor has cleared him for surgery on Thursday. At that time they’ll remove his tumor, and hopefully he’ll be back to better in no time! Please keep him in your thoughts~ ♥

Two Pigs
Creme Puff is on the left, and S’mores is on the right. It was hard to get a picture where Creme Puff wasn’t distracted with trying to eat something.

I’ve been really worried about him, because I love my pets, but I’m finally starting to feel like this is coming to a close. It won’t really be over until he’s recovered from surgery and had another check-up, but he’s managed to survive a lot in his short life; I’ve got my fingers crossed that this is just one more anecdote for his memoir. S’mores and he are both in high spirits, causing lots of trouble and doing those things that guinea pigs do. It seems very likely that he’ll get through this just fine.

Meanwhile, I’ve been brainstorming and trying to get back on track in terms of writing–so expect to start seeing posts again sometime soon. I’ve really missed keeping this updated. I’m sure I’ll be on a roll for a little while as I work out all the things I’ve been planning on talking about or meaning to take note of!

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