Update: Back from Surgery

Update: Back from Surgery

Creme Puff had his surgery on Thursday, August 12. He’s been doing pretty good–it seems like he’ll pull through fine, barring any unpleasant downturns. He came back right on schedule, the day after the procedure. He really hates being force-fed, so he was a bit grumpy when we picked him up. It took a little while to convince him I wasn’t going to stick a big syringe in his mouth as long as he ate food on his own, but we convinced him with basil. My mother and stepfather have been growing basil, and the guinea pigs really love it. (Plus, they smell really nice when they eat it!)

Post-Operation Pig
He took some time to relax once we got him home. I’m sure being at the vet for the operation was pretty stressful.

He’s just as energetic and boistrous as ever. (As soon as I got him back into the city, he went, “A-HA! THERE’s the guy that feeds me!” and put up a big fuss until my husband provided lettuce.) He doesn’t seem to notice that he has a huge stitched-up incision, except when he tries to streeeeeeeeeetch to peek over the top of the cage like he usually does and then suddenly realizes it kinda hurts. Poor thing. His pain medication seems to be doing a good job, though, because otherwise he is just as active as he was before.

He has a check-up in two weeks, and hopefully it will be all good news! I’ve got my fingers crossed hoping for the best!

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