Outfit Snap: Jewelry Jelly

Outfit Snap: Jewelry Jelly

At the end of July there was a very large meetup (which I kept affectionately referring to as the “megameet”) downtown in the city. There was a lot of fussing among everyone in the area about what to wear for this meetup, and I wasn’t sure what to pick, either. In the end, I wore my Jewelry Jelly jumperskirt because several of my friends also owned it, so we thought it would be fun to dress up similarly. It was almost an attempt to twin, but there were four of us and we didn’t try to match very closely.

At the Meetup
I didn’t stand still long enough for any separate pictures, but I tried to take a few with friends. This lovely young lady had such a beautiful dress! The print is adorable!

Since I have the jumperskirt in pink, I wore it with a white short-sleeved blouse and pink and white striped socks. The socks have darker pink bows up the back, and although I had worn them with other outfits in the past I kept thinking about how they’d probably match Jewelry Jelly. The print has a lot of colours–mint green, robin’s egg blue, pale lavender, and darker candy pink. The darker pinks match the colour of the bows on the back of the socks, and the pink of the rest of the fabric matches the striping on the socks. I was really pleased with it–I’m sure that I’ll wear these socks with this jumperskirt again!

Although the jumperskirt looks very nice without a blouse, I don’t feel comfortable wearing it as a sundress when I’ll be spending most of my time out in public. I chose a blouse with eyelet lace instead of crocheted lace, but I think that in the future I ought to get a blouse with tulle lace. The jumperskirt has tulle lace, so I think it will be a better match.

It’s easier to see my wrist cuffs, hair ties, ring, and nail polish in this picture. I spent a lot of time painting my nails for this outfit!

I wore a bit of makeup that day–blush and mascara. I think makeup can be a lot of fun, but I’m very allergic to it so I can only use it very sparingly. By the end of the day my cheeks were very itchy and the mascara (because it wasn’t waterproof–I haven’t found a makeup removers for waterproof mascara that wasn’t too harsh) had smudged under my eyes. XD There’s still something about makeup I can’t resist, though–it makes me feel extra girly! ♥

I painted my nails to match the colours of the dress’s print! I realized that I owned most of the colours already (just no light blue…). I alternated Essie‘s mint candy apple, flawless, and St. Lucia lilac. When that was dry, I added two coats of main squeeze for an iridescent, violet-tinted sparkle. My little sister let me borrow a turquoise Jewelry Jelly ring (which is one of the cutest accessories I’ve ever seen). It’s so cute that I haven’t returned it yet. 😡

Jellyfied Jewelry
We wound up with Jewelry Jelly quadruplets! And I didn’t get any pictures other than this quick one that is very shadowy. Darn!

I don’t have the matching hairbow for this series, and it doesn’t look quite right with any of the non-patterned hairbows and headdresses that I owned. I put my hair in pigtails but shook them out so they wouldn’t be one ringlet, and added a bauble of a crystalline heart. It makes me think of the gelatin featured on the print! I’d love to find the hairbow someday, or maybe get something else gelatin-themed. I’m not partial to the mini-hat that was released, but a hairband or barrette of jellies might be nice.

I was absolutely the least creative of my three other Jelly-fied friends. Oh well! ☆

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