Outfit Snap: Ponies and Dolls

Outfit Snap: Ponies and Dolls

When I discovered that a friend of mine was becoming interested in My Little Pony, something I’ve been obsessed with to different degrees for several years, I could think of only one thing: “Oh my goodness–she needs to see my collection!” I made plans with her to do just such a thing as soon as possible. When I relayed this to my husband, wondering what to wear, he immediately suggested Cherry Berry Bunny.

Twice as Pink
My mother was kind enough to take this picture of us together. I was blinking in almost every shot!

I’ve worn this jumperskirt many times, and I haven’t purchased anything new and exciting in a few months, so this isn’t exactly a brand new and utterly original coordination. Despite that, I always enjoy wearing this jumperskirt~ ☆

A short-sleeved white blouse was a good choice for the warm day we chose to get together. I thought we’d spend most of the day in the air-conditioned house, but instead we ran several errands–including picking up my guinea pig from the vet post-surgery and grabbing lunch. I selected pink socks without lace to contrast better with my white shoes without being too fussy. The print on the jumperskirt is already very eye-catching.

I left my hair down an added a small bow with a pom-pon, because it makes me think of a bunny’s tail. ♥

Post-Operation Pig
This was a grumpy, distrustful, partially-shaved piggie. We quickly appeased him with basil.

The next day I attended a doll meetup at a local zoo. My husband suggested this dress, which I think is one of his favourites. It might be the old-fashioned styling, with the bell sleeves, high waist, and thin waist ties.

I put my hair up in pigtails to keep it off of my neck and accented them with the bow-clips I am fond of wearing. The socks I chose have a white rose pattern and white lace at the top. I feel like it mimics the print and trim of the dress itself, although the lace is not the same kind used on the one-piece.

Cherries, Bouquets, and Lions

I almost forgot to get an outfit picture, but thankfully we remembered just in time. It would have been much too dark by the time we got home that evening!

It was a nice, simple outfit. Although the weather was warm, I was glad to have the long sleeves to cover my arms. I carried the parasol for most of the event, but I can’t very easily carry a doll and a parasol so sometimes I went without.

I realized during the meetup that my newer doll is very, very heavy. My poor husband wound up lugging her around in the bag for part of the trip. I don’t think she’ll be coming with me again unless I start lifting weights or magically gain better upper-body strength! (That seems unlikely…)

I haven’t had an opportunity to dress up since these occasions in mid-August, so I had been putting off writing about it. I’m hoping that this upcoming weekend doesn’t get complicated; I’ll be quite upset if I’ll miss another opportunity. The weather is cool, but not too chilly, so it’s the perfect temperature for the layers of lolita outfits!

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