Outfit Snap: Pink and Plaid

Outfit Snap: Pink and Plaid

December was a great month for wearing frills and feeling fluffily cheerful! I started bright and early, and really made an effort to dress up. Sometimes this was a little bit difficult to do, because it’s been really cold. I’m not usually any chillier in lolita clothing than in normal clothing, but I never remember that when I’m staring into my closet and shivering–when that happens I always want to hide in oversized sweaters with several pairs of long underwear beneath my jeans!

Fruit Parfait-Type Alice
This is one of my favourite casual outfits. I think this cutsew compliments the otherwise really-busy print of the skirt.

I had planned on going to a meetup on a Thursday after work, so this was what I wore into the office. Whenever I wear anything to work other than the most casual of clothing, I get a lot of confused stares, particularly from others outside my department. Sometimes it’s a bit frustrating, but mostly I’m amused~

I always have a hard time coordinating this skirt, although I do try. This cutsew is one of my easiest and most effortless pairings. The colours match up fairly well, which is unusual. This skirt has some orange-tinted shades of pink that are more salmon than straight pink, and the difference is really obvious when it is worn with something that is strictly pink. There are lots of colours in the print, as well, but they’re hard to tie in without me feeling that I look like a fruit salad.

Hoodie of Dooooom
I know this sweater is bulky and ugly, but it’s sooooo warm. I can’t resist.

I wore black tights to balance the black cutsew. The pink heart-buckle shoes were chosen for their relative comfort and darker shade of pink. It matched up decently with darker shades on the cutsew and skirt. I clipped small pink bows in my hair for some kind of accent.

I spent a good portion of the day wearing my sloppy hooded sweatshirt. It’s not very pretty, but it is very warm. It wasn’t quite freezing cold at that point, but it wasn’t really a comfortable temperature anymore.

Unfortunately I never made it to the intended meetup, due to work-related things, but I did get to go on a date with my husband. He surprised me after work, when I was grumpy and tired, took me out to dinner and even for dessert afterward. I’m so lucky~ ♥

Ugly sweater strikes again! It’s a shade of pink very commonly used for lolita clothing, so it “matches” even though it doesn’t compliment.

I wore pink again the next day~ This jumperskirt is quickly becoming one of my most-worn items. I love the simplicity and elegance of the design. It matches almost everything else I own, and it’s very comfortable. I’m very happy to have it in my wardrobe!

I chose to wear it very classically and simply, with a white blouse, white lace-topped socks, and a pink bow. My giant sweater of doom snuck in there a bit, too. It was very cold.

Alice Claus
I basically lived in this Santa hat during December! I never wanted to take it off.

The cold was also the reason for my absolutely not-matching black fuzzy slippers. I wore pink shoes when I left the house, but my mega-slippers were necessary to keep from having icicle feet.

And nothing says Christmas like a Santa hat! I love mine and wear it around the house constantly after Thanksgiving has passed.

Festively Tartan
I was soooooo sleepy when this picture was taken. I was just about ready to snuggle up with the tree.

The next day I held my gingerbread cookie party, and I chose my green tartan outfit for festiveness. In hindsight I should have worn a short-sleeved blouse–I spent all day pulling and rolling my sleeves up to keep them out of the dough and frosting! Whoops~ I wasn’t think about that when I selected it–I was just thinking about keeping my arms warm~ (Plus, I love the lace on the cuffs of this blouse~ ♥)

This is one of my go-to wintery outfits. The darker colours and the tartan give me that sort of feeling. I think it’s green enough to be Christmas-ish, too, particularly with red accents. (And I did wear a red apron and my Santa hat for a good portion of the party~) I’m sure it’s boring that I like to wear the same jumperskirt as many times as possible once the weather hits below a certain point, but I don’t really care–it’s fun!

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