Daily Life: What a Surprise!

Daily Life: What a Surprise!

The other day, while having dinner with a friend I had invited over, my father called.

“Have you checked your email?” was the first thing I heard.
“No; I have a friend over.”
“You need to check your email.”
“Um, okay…”
“Check your email and call me back.”

I apologized to my guest, wishing that I had let the call go to voice mail, and turned on my pink netbook with the intent to check my email as quickly as possible. I couldn’t imagine why my father was calling me to have such a suspicious conversation, or what could be in my inbox to require immediate attention. When my account loaded and clicked on my newest message, I let out a squeal.

I’m going to VolksDolls Party in New York City!

I own a ball-jointed doll. I’m not very active or passionate about ball-jointed dolls as a hobby, but I enjoy my doll and keep an eye on doll-related things. My doll is from Volks, so I often browse the Volks USA website. Several months ago I had heard whisperings and speculation about a US Dolls’ Party. A “Dolls’ Party” is rather like a mini-convention hosted by this company particularly for their customers/fans and limited to their products. This event was canceled in 2009 due to concerns about swine flu, but it seemed as though it was likely to happen in 2010. When this was confirmed and the date was announced, I wanted to go.

My father often has business in New York, so I had emailed him last week to see if he would be in town on June 19 and 20–hoping, of course, to stay at his hotel room and avoid paying for one of my own. Getting a plane ticket would be another issue, but I could save quite a bit by avoiding hotel costs. His response–hence the cryptic phone call–was that I had been booked a hotel room and plane ticket!

Little Alice is one of the limited items for the event! (The limited items are Alice in Wonderland themed, with Alice, Lorina, and the White Rabbit.) She has such a sweet face.

Now I’m so excited I barely know what to do with myself! I want to get the most out of the event, but I my doll doesn’t need a visit to the Dolly Doctor (Beauty Salon) and it’s very unlikely that I’ll buy another doll. I’m determined to take the workshop, but I’m not sure if or which school head I should buy. There are so many choices~ I can’t wait to see more information released on the website.

I’m planning my attire as well, because obviously I want to wear lolita fashion the entire time! ♥ I can’t think of a better choice, really. If only they made Alice or Lorina’s dress in MSD size, so my Claire could be dressed in a similar fashion~ I can’t wait to see what it’s like! I need to make up my mind and get my registration in order.

I wonder if any other lolita are attending this event~ ♥

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