Outfit Snap: Red Friday and Twin Saturday

Outfit Snap: Red Friday and Twin Saturday

When Friday was finally here, I couldn’t help being excited! My weekend got off to a very wonderful start–I had a friend over for dinner on Thursday, and we made a strawberry salad, vegetable moussaka, and blueberry crumble while talking about ball-jointed dolls and lolita fashion~ Then my father called with an amazing surprise; altogether it seemed very fortuitous for my weekend.

New Bunny Heights

Friday looked bright and sunny, but it wasn’t actually warm outside. (Tsk, tsk! You tricked me, sunshine!) I wore my red jumperskirt at my husband’s request, although we didn’t spend the day together; he was invited to see a friend, and I got a call from my little sister. She and I went to an art fair at her school, then got caramel cream puffs from Beard Papa. Caramel was the weekend special flavor, and it was very delicious~ ♥ We wandered back to her house, enjoyed the time together, and her father gave me a pair of combat boots! So awesome!

Red Red Rori

This jumperskirt always gives me a little bit of difficulty, because I don’t own much else that is red. I decided to pair it with my cherry socks, because I love those cherry socks, and my casual blouse with cherries on it. (To continue the theme.) I’d love a pair of cherry hair clips; they’d make a nice finishing touch. I wore very plain black mary janes–even though there wasn’t any other black in the outfit, my coat is black. White shoes tend to disappear into my socks with all the red as a focus elsewhere, and I’m not going to purchase red shoes just for this jumperskirt.

On Saturday I saw my little sister again, and this time we twinned. ♥ I really hope we have the opportunity to twin more frequently! I love it~ ♥ We got the most amusing stares as people passed by, realized we were dressed nearly identically, and started to wonder what was going on. We wore our Innocent World crown ribbon jumperskirts with long-sleeved blouses, matching BABY, the Stars Shine Bright cardigans, knee socks, and Angelic Pretty tea party shoes. I brought Mallow, my BtSSB bunny pochette, and she brought hers.

Triple Threat!

A gentleman on the bus caught our attention to ask if the crowns on our dresses had any significant meaning. When I said no, he proceeded to gives us a mini-lecture on the symbolism of open and closed crowns. It was very interesting, but very unexpected! Now I wonder if that sort of thing might happen again; it was much more entertaining than questions or jeers.

Alice Under Glass

I realized that I own nail polish in the exact shade of the fabric on the crown ribbon jumperskirt, so I coordinated that with my outfit, as well. I even wore just a little bit of makeup, for fun! (Although my allergies made it not-quite-so-fun after a little while; I had to wash it off as soon as I got home.)

Overall, my weekend was really wonderful! I can only hope the rest will continue in this fashion~

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