Daily Life: A Summer Day

Daily Life: A Summer Day

Most of the time I spend the weekends with my husband and my friends. I am often at work (and, when it’s not summer, often in class as well) during the week, so I try very hard to make the weekends into tiny vacations. That’s why I make a point of wearing lolita fashion and attending events. However, this Saturday my husband was out of town, working with my father, and my friends were occupied, so I spent the day alone. I tried to keep myself occupied, but wasn’t entirely successful. (Darn!)

Morning Tea
All of my tea items are mis-matched, but also follow a similar theme of florals, so I love seeing everything together.

I made tea when I woke up, with the sun streaming in through the windows in the kitchen. My kitchen is actually not terribly pink–the most colour comes from the chairs, which are a bright and sunny yellow. When the sun rises it lights up the kitchen and everything seems to pick up that yellow hue; it always makes me think that the day will be a fantastic one!

Tea is one of my “first loves,” so I have an entire section of countertop dedicated to it. There’s a drawer filled with tea below, and an electric kettle always awaiting on top! My teacup collection is displayed on a shelf nearby, with teapots within easy reach. Most of my teacups are floral themed, so one of my favourite teapots is a small mossy-green one. It compliments most of them nicely!

Most of my morning was spent scrubbing in the kitchen (I like to keep things tidy), and then trying to get some pictures of my new doll. The lighting in my home is not very good–the sunlight tends to be too harsh or not bright enough, so getting a good picture is not simple. I tried to get some from the kitchen, but it didn’t work out as well as I hoped. (I also spent quiiiiiite a lot of time in EGL‘s chat room, popping in and out as my attention waxed and waned.)

Pile of Doll Stuff
I’ve been focusing a lot on doll-related things, so I had quite a mess of items strewn about the house.

I planed to get some cleaning and organizing done, since there wouldn’t be a well-intentioned husband to get in the way. n_~ The biggest mess was the proliferation of ball-jointed doll “stuff.” I purchased things at Dolpa during my trip, and ordered things online once I purchased the doll I really wanted, so there were clothing, wigs, eyes, and other accessories tucked all over the place–nothing where it belonged. I managed to pile everything together and attempt to fit it back into the box it came from, but that didn’t work out very well!

Then I tried to get some outfit pictures. I had forgotten how difficult it is to take my own picture. x_+ I made crazy set-ups of boxes on top of stools on top of chairs on top of even suitcases, and balanced the camera precariously on top of the stack. Again and again I wound up with pictures of only my feet, or only my head, or most of me but no head. (And, inevitably when I messed up setting the timer, pictures of my hand. XD) It was so frustrating!

Shirley Temple and the Duck
I love this glass~ I just wish I had more than one of them; I don’t know where the others went.

The library notified me that some of my books were ready for pick-up, so I headed out on a short trip. It was so bright and sunshiney outside! With my heart-shaped sunglasses and fluffy pink dress, I got a lot of stares! X3 (Although a white-haired gentleman kindly told me that he thought my dress was lovely, which was very nice! I like seeing people smile, even if it’s because they’re holding back giggles. n_~)

It was much too warm for tea when I got back home, so I made a Shirley Temple! I almost always have maraschino cherries in my refrigerator, because Shirley Temples are my “oh my goodness what a horrible day” remedy, much the way some people treat cocktails or other liquors. Since I had both soda and cherries, it wasn’t something to pass up. I’ve never grown out of pink fizzy drinks with lots of fruit, and I like them best if there’s no alcohol. :3

Library Books
I love the cover for the Lincoln book. The back cover is even funnier~

My library pick-ups included a novel I’ve been very excited to read (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith) and some books on ballet. I took ballet classes a very, very, very-very-very long time ago, and I’ve been thinking about taking classes again for fun. I’m much too old to ever be a ballerina, and I don’t have any performance aspirations, but I remember really enjoying ballet. (Plus, I’ve wanted to incorporate some exercise into my life!) I picked up a few books to read not to teach myself, but to at least do some research.

After reading the novel for a while I figured it was time to do get back to tidying up before it became night. (The novel is incredibly enjoyable. I wish I could talk my grandfather, who is very fond of Abraham Lincoln, into reading it, but I’m not sure he would find it as amusing as I do.)

Imai Kira Postcards
My little sister selected some really gorgeous postcards–all the colours and illustrations are so beautiful.

When going through some lolita fashion items that had snuck into my house since my little sister’s trip to Japan, I found the postcards she had purchased for me. Although Imai Kira isn’t my favourite artist, her work is very beautiful. The postcards and mini-poster have such detailed, delicate lines. Most of the postcards have a pearly shine, too! ♥ I’m hoping to hang them up somewhere, but I haven’t quite decided on the best way to display them. I was thinking about putting the mini-poster up in my office, but now that I’ve seen it in person I’m not sure if that’s the best use of it! It’s so pretty!

My house is not decorated at all, but I have aspirations to add some more frilly touches~ I think framing the postcards might be a nice touch, but I’m not sure exactly what I’m going for yet. I have a hard time even thinking about where to start. I’ve never done much decorating because I’ve always rented, so anything that goes up will have to be taken down and put back to the way it was before moving out. However, it seems we’ll be staying in my tiny house for a little while, so I’d like to make it more of our own. ♥

My day ended uneventfully, since I had to head to work that next day. (There is no rest for the wicked, after all!) I hope that I can spend next weekend with friends and loved ones–it’s nice to have some time alone, but I get bored too easily. Work seems to give me all the “alone time” I want!

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