Outfit Snap: Red Friday and Twin Saturday

Outfit Snap: Red Friday and Twin Saturday

When Friday was finally here, I couldn’t help being excited! My weekend got off to a very wonderful start–I had a friend over for dinner on Thursday, and we made a strawberry salad, vegetable moussaka, and blueberry crumble while talking about ball-jointed dolls and lolita fashion~ Then my father called with an amazing surprise; altogether it seemed very fortuitous for my weekend.

New Bunny Heights

Friday looked bright and sunny, but it wasn’t actually warm outside. (Tsk, tsk! You tricked me, sunshine!) I wore my red jumperskirt at my husband’s request, although we didn’t spend the day together; he was invited to see a friend, and I got a call from my little sister. She and I went to an art fair at her school, then got caramel cream puffs from Beard Papa. Caramel was the weekend special flavor, and it was very delicious~ ♥ We wandered back to her house, enjoyed the time together, and her father gave me a pair of combat boots! So awesome!

Red Red Rori

This jumperskirt always gives me a little bit of difficulty, because I don’t own much else that is red. I decided to pair it with my cherry socks, because I love those cherry socks, and my casual blouse with cherries on it. (To continue the theme.) I’d love a pair of cherry hair clips; they’d make a nice finishing touch. I wore very plain black mary janes–even though there wasn’t any other black in the outfit, my coat is black. White shoes tend to disappear into my socks with all the red as a focus elsewhere, and I’m not going to purchase red shoes just for this jumperskirt.

On Saturday I saw my little sister again, and this time we twinned. ♥ I really hope we have the opportunity to twin more frequently! I love it~ ♥ We got the most amusing stares as people passed by, realized we were dressed nearly identically, and started to wonder what was going on. We wore our Innocent World crown ribbon jumperskirts with long-sleeved blouses, matching BABY, the Stars Shine Bright cardigans, knee socks, and Angelic Pretty tea party shoes. I brought Mallow, my BtSSB bunny pochette, and she brought hers.

Triple Threat!

A gentleman on the bus caught our attention to ask if the crowns on our dresses had any significant meaning. When I said no, he proceeded to gives us a mini-lecture on the symbolism of open and closed crowns. It was very interesting, but very unexpected! Now I wonder if that sort of thing might happen again; it was much more entertaining than questions or jeers.

Alice Under Glass

I realized that I own nail polish in the exact shade of the fabric on the crown ribbon jumperskirt, so I coordinated that with my outfit, as well. I even wore just a little bit of makeup, for fun! (Although my allergies made it not-quite-so-fun after a little while; I had to wash it off as soon as I got home.)

Overall, my weekend was really wonderful! I can only hope the rest will continue in this fashion~

Daily Life: What a Surprise!

Daily Life: What a Surprise!

The other day, while having dinner with a friend I had invited over, my father called.

“Have you checked your email?” was the first thing I heard.
“No; I have a friend over.”
“You need to check your email.”
“Um, okay…”
“Check your email and call me back.”

I apologized to my guest, wishing that I had let the call go to voice mail, and turned on my pink netbook with the intent to check my email as quickly as possible. I couldn’t imagine why my father was calling me to have such a suspicious conversation, or what could be in my inbox to require immediate attention. When my account loaded and clicked on my newest message, I let out a squeal.

I’m going to VolksDolls Party in New York City!

I own a ball-jointed doll. I’m not very active or passionate about ball-jointed dolls as a hobby, but I enjoy my doll and keep an eye on doll-related things. My doll is from Volks, so I often browse the Volks USA website. Several months ago I had heard whisperings and speculation about a US Dolls’ Party. A “Dolls’ Party” is rather like a mini-convention hosted by this company particularly for their customers/fans and limited to their products. This event was canceled in 2009 due to concerns about swine flu, but it seemed as though it was likely to happen in 2010. When this was confirmed and the date was announced, I wanted to go.

My father often has business in New York, so I had emailed him last week to see if he would be in town on June 19 and 20–hoping, of course, to stay at his hotel room and avoid paying for one of my own. Getting a plane ticket would be another issue, but I could save quite a bit by avoiding hotel costs. His response–hence the cryptic phone call–was that I had been booked a hotel room and plane ticket!

Little Alice is one of the limited items for the event! (The limited items are Alice in Wonderland themed, with Alice, Lorina, and the White Rabbit.) She has such a sweet face.

Now I’m so excited I barely know what to do with myself! I want to get the most out of the event, but I my doll doesn’t need a visit to the Dolly Doctor (Beauty Salon) and it’s very unlikely that I’ll buy another doll. I’m determined to take the workshop, but I’m not sure if or which school head I should buy. There are so many choices~ I can’t wait to see more information released on the website.

I’m planning my attire as well, because obviously I want to wear lolita fashion the entire time! ♥ I can’t think of a better choice, really. If only they made Alice or Lorina’s dress in MSD size, so my Claire could be dressed in a similar fashion~ I can’t wait to see what it’s like! I need to make up my mind and get my registration in order.

I wonder if any other lolita are attending this event~ ♥

On Being Lolita: Rainy Day Gear

On Being Lolita: Rainy Day Gear

April, for me, indicates the rainy season. Actually, it rains a lot where I live, but I always think on the adage of “April showers bring May flowers~” and expect a little bit extra rain for this month. Rain can be a bit dangerous in terms of wearing lolita fashion, particularly because not all garments are easily laundered, some fabrics can get water stained, and (most terrible) not all prints are color fast. I can’t even imagine the horror of being caught in a sudden downpour and seeing the print on your beloved outfit start to bleed! ;;

Even with that in mind, I don’t let rain keep me from dressing up in April; I plan my outfits and accessories with potential showers in mind. (This is a bit of an expansion on post from last year: Downpour Dollies. It should be obvious that I love rainy weather!)

Cute Rain Boots
Cute rain boots are my favourite wet-weather item! Mine are a sugary-pink with raspberry-pink bunnies printed across them. I bought them on a very, very wet day from the sales display of a department store sleepwear section. (Yes, sleepwear section. I don’t usually wear rain boots as pyjamas, but apparently others do?) In my opinion, there is nothing more rewarding than dry and warm feet on a wet day.

Spring is usually a good time to find rain boots, although sometimes before the rainy season there is more variety. Keep an eye out in local stores–I know that Target has carried a variety of patterns and styles, depending on the store, but sometimes they’ll pop up where you didn’t quite expect them–like the sleepwear section of a department store. n~ Dav Rain makes some really amazing-looking boots, which can be found online or in stores. I like their Victorian style with the lace-up detailing on the back~ (And in pink leopard print, too!)

Unfortunately, my boots are a little bit too big for my tiny feet. My feet slide around inside the boots, giving me blisters. Usually this could be fixed with an insole, but the boot is a little bit too big even for that. However, lately it has been easy to find boot liners! Boot liners look like very large polar-fleece knee socks. They slide into rain boots to provide extra warmth and comfort. They’re very good for extra cushioning! They come in many different colours, but I’m sure that they wouldn’t be terribly hard to make, either. It would certainly be nice to have a lot of them in different patterns~ ♥

It’s important to make sure that rain boots are tall enough to provide adequate protection. Even though I would get a better fit by finding children’s rain boots, my legs are much longer than those of little kids. (But if they weren’t I’d LOVE these mary jane rain boots! So adorable!) If your boots aren’t tall enough, you have to beware deceptively deep puddles–and splashes of murky water might stain your socks. If you have a pair of pristine, much-adored socks, it’s perhaps best not to wear them in really rainy weather. The water that splashes from cars passing in the street is filthy and sometimes can leave stains from tar residue and oils. Those spots can be very, very difficult to remove! Taller rain boots provide better sock protection.

Combination Umbrella & Parasol
Parasols are perfect for shade, but they’re also an adorable and iconic lolita accessory. Many brands sell double-duty parasols that are waterproof, allowing them to be used in the rain. It’s also not terribly hard to find cute umbrellas that can provide parasol shade on sunnier days. Having the combined features in one item makes spring days outdoors a lot easier to bear–I know that sometimes it’s bright and sunny, then the clouds roll in with hardly a moment’s notice. A waterproof parasol or cute umbrella will transition from shading to shielding instantly!

I have a few waterproof parasols and a few cute umbrellas. I like to try and match them to what I’m wearing, but I also like to match them to the weather! If I think it will be rainier than sunny, I bring the cute umbrella. If I think it will be sunnier than rainy, I bring the waterproof parasol.

The most important things to keep in mind about waterproof parasols are:

  • Any print or decoration may not be colorfast–do not close a wet parasol! Let it dry fully-opened, dabbing raindrops off the print first. Metamorphose metallic-printed parasols are particularly susceptible to print smears!
  • Rusting can also be prevented by letting a parasol dry fully-opened. Oftentimes the metal used may have a tendency to rust; giving it an opportunity to dry is a good preventative measure.
  • Beware the wind! The frames of parasols are not very strong, because they aren’t designed with windy conditions in mind. A strong gust of wind can snap a thin umbrella frame, so if you know it will be windy or experience that it is very windy, you may wish to save your parasol and opt for a sturdier umbrella.

Waterproof Purse
Totebags can be very handy, but not on a wet day! The fabric soaks up raindrops, dampening anything you were carrying inside. The open top also provides easy access for water to get inside and all over your items. If the things in your bag are waterproof, that’s generally not a problem, but if you have papers or electronics they need more protection.

A handbag made of vinyl or leather, with a top that zips or a flap that covers, is best for keeping the contents dry. It’s also generally a good idea to keep a plastic shopping bag with you when you know the weather will be inclement, so you have some extra water protection for anything you might not have expected to carry. Sometimes I put my most delicate items in a plastic bag inside of another bag that is water-resistant–just in case some rain sneaks in.

Choose Your Outfit Wisely
If the skies are gray, you might want to take it into consideration before dolling up in your photoshoot finest. Certain fabrics, such as silk and velvet, are stained by water. Some prints are not colourfast. You could try to test in an unnoticed area or ask around to see if your favourite printed skirt will survive a sprinkling of rain, or air on the side of caution and save it for a not-threatened-by-rain or staying-inside or sparkly-ideal-lolita-wearing-weather day. ★

Rainy and windy days are also generally bad days for elaborate hair styles or non-waterproof makeup. Certain metals used for costume jewelry might leave residue or staining if they come in contact with damp fabric, so use caution. It’s really not much different to wear lolita clothing on a rainy day, but a brief moment of consideration with a healthy dose of common sense goes a long way!

Emergency Rain Poncho
They have yet to make a raincoat that will accommodate a petticoat. I wish they would. I was very excited to see Angelic Pretty’s trenchcoat, but I don’t think it’s actually waterproof. I dream of a raincoat made of clear vinyl and suited to the contours of a lolita silhouette, where one’s outfit could still be seen but protected from the elements. I keep thinking that maybe Metamorphose will make that dream come true, but so far I’ve had no luck.

However, if you’re wearing Sugary Carnival and stuck in a torrential downpour, an inexpensive poncho could come in handy. If a meetup is planned on a day with a decent chance of rain, it might be worthwhile to spend a few dollars at the drugstore and stash a vinyl poncho in the bottom of your purse. It isn’t very fashionable, but it will provide coverage for water-sensitive designs.

I still hope that one day Metamorphose will make me proud and release a raincoat that will fit nicely over bell-shaped petticoat-fluffed skirts. As unlikely as it may be, it’s far more probable than me ever learning to sew and making it myself.

Although it would take an entire downpour to let some rain keep me from dressing up! ☂

On Being Lolita: Spring in the Happy Garden

On Being Lolita: Spring in the Happy Garden

There’s just something about Happy Garden that makes me want to dress up like an Easter egg all spring! When I first saw the print I didn’t care much for it…until I realized something very important. It has massive-tailed, big-cheeked rabbits just like those on my ultimate favourite print, Cherry Berry Bunny! ♥ Now I struggle with an internal tug-of-war between my mind that says, “Don’t spend money on a dress like that! How often will you really wear it?” and my heart that goes, “;_;-♥ But I looooooooves it. I loves it so.”

My little sister was equally on the fence, first deciding she had to have it, then deciding it wasn’t really worth it…and then she realized it has fluffy little Angelic Prettied chicks on it. As much as I adore bunnies, my little sister loves chickens. Especially cute baby chickens. The fact that the matching cardigan’s only decoration is an embroidered chick is almost too much! So we look at the pictures and sigh dreamily over how adorable yet ridiculous it all is.

Although I adore it, my feelings aren’t quite a “must-have-it” level of obsession. There is a degree to which the print reminds me of a tablecloth or bedsheet, something I find both cute and unlikely to make me wear the dress on a regular basis. A whole rainbow of pastels is used in the illustrations of Easter eggs and baby animals, so I know I won’t wear the dress on a regular basis–I generally prefer a less-varied palette. Most importantly, bunnies are not the focus. There are delightful, wonderful fluffy bunnies, but not with the intensity of Cherry Berry Bunny~

If it would have been available sooner, so I would have had the opportunity to wear the print on Easter, perhaps I would have felt more rushed to get it. Now that the holiday has passed, I prefer to look at the advertisements and think about how cute it is. It’s available for purchase from different outlets, but I’m focused on other things. Perhaps Happy Garden will just be a nice springtime dream for me…or maybe when winter comes and things are gloomy, I’ll find myself stalking Yahoo!Japan auctions looking for a burst of sunshine and bunnies.

I hope those bunnies make another appearance! I can’t get enough of their enormous fluffy tails~ ♥

Update: New Comment System

Update: New Comment System

Just a brief update~! I’ve changed the comments from the default Blogger options to the nested system by Disqus. Sometimes readers leave lovely comments that I want to respond to, but due to the non-threaded comment system I don’t have a way to direct my attention to them! I had opted for simply writing “@ name that commented,” but I knew that no-one would be checking back to see if I had responded. I’ve seen the Disqus system in-use on other blogs, and although I don’t completely like its layout it seemed like a workable second option.

Currently I have it set up so that (hopefully!) you don’t have to join Disqus to comment. :3 I tried to enable log-in with Twitter or Yahoo! accounts, but I’m not sure how successful that is.

Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions! I don’t 100% understand some of the intricacies of Blogger. I’ve been briefly entertaining the thought of moving to a fully-hosted WordPress-powered blog on a separate domain, but I don’t want to make a commitment like that if I’m not having fun and actually making posts here~ We shall see!

On Being Lolita: Your Attention Please …Or Not

On Being Lolita: Your Attention Please …Or Not

A few weeks ago, when I was waiting for a bus, a gentleman approached me and asked what I was wearing. My response in such a situation is always, “Oh, I just like to dress up.” He answered, “Huh. You must like attention.”

This seems to be a common impression of lolita by outsiders. It’s understandable–even a more subdued classic outfit or one in hues other than bright pink stands out in the crowd. When I look out the windows from my office, most people look somewhat the same: jeans and shirts, sometimes black or gray business suits, and the occasional person who lives in sweatpants. It’s rare to see groups in completely identical outfits, but other than very slight changes they seem to wear the same style. This is why I rarely notice what the person who passed me on the street is wearing–my senses are automatically filtering it out. However, the boy with neon pink hair or the girl with a halo of safety pins piercing her left ear catches my eye. Regardless of whether it is intentional or not, anything beyond the norm is attention-grabbing.

However, I don’t wear lolita fashion because I crave attention–and I don’t think most lolita do, either. I’m much happier when I glide through the crowds, passers-by turning a blind eye and pretending that I’m not pink and fluffy, than when there are stares, comments, questions, or blundered attempts at stealth-photography. After all, I’m not dressing up for anyone else–I’m dressing up because I like it!

It takes a certain type of courage to wear lolita fashion, because it isn’t often accepted or even admired. Strangers will puzzle over your “costume,” balk at the mere mention of the fashion’s name–immediately associating the style with the pop-culture interpretation of the famous novel, text candid pictures of you to their friends to ridicule, grumble if your skirt accidentally brushes into them when passing in a narrow corridor, or insult you to your face because you aren’t “fitting in.” Thankfully not all reactions are bad, but you can never gauge who will say or do what when you go where.

However, I’m sure there are some lolita who revel in the attention–whether it is positive or negative–and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Assumptions and stereotypes aren’t a reliable manner of reference, one way or another.

The stranger who approached me at the bus stop didn’t care enough to listen to any explanations on my part, so I let the topic die without protesting. It stuck with me, though, as something I mulled over during my bus ride. I do expect a different level of attention when wearing frills, although I don’t look forward to it. I get the impression that this is a common sentiment, but I can only speak for myself.

Do you wear lolita fashion because you want attention, or do you consider the attention a negative “side-effect” of wearing the style? Do most people you encounter think that you are trying to get attention?

Charming Activities: Poupee Girl

Charming Activities: Poupee Girl

I know that I am not the only lolita who has some level of addiction to Poupée Girl. I joined before there was an English language option, awkwardly attempting to use my ineffectual-at-best Japanese skills to figure out what I could and could not upload. (Due to this I’ve always erred on the side of caution. I don’t want to get brown-boxed!) I eagerly watch the Poupée Girl LiveJournal community on my friendslist, looking to catch news or updates the way some people watch stock information!

I love Poupée Girl because of the clothing focus! I like sifting through other people’s wardrobes–especially if they have beautiful or creative things. I don’t care much about the quality of photos, but I do find myself less-than-inclined to comment or suteki if there is a lot of “junk” in the closet. (That’s a very subjective qualifier, but I don’t think objectivity is always necessary with a game like this.)

I’m not very addicted, though. I’ve never bought jewels even though jewel-only items are tantalizing. I don’t spend a lot of time on the website, and (my constant sadness…) I almost NEVER get perfect attendance. ;_; I think I’ve managed it four times, total, but I’ve been playing Poupée Girl since September 2007. (The last time I had perfect attendance was July 2009… u_u)

This is one of my favourite dress-ups~ ♥ This dress was my “holy grail” for a very, very long time. When it was first released it was very expensive–too many ribbons for my taste! I was lucky when my former roommate bought it for me. Transferring it from her account to mine at a low ribbon cost was tricky and involved very quick timing!

I always skip over closets that have illegal items. Until the doll category was done away with, I used to see action figures and all kinds of other non-fashion-related toys, which seemed “wrong” even though they weren’t officially banned. My biggest pet peeve, however, is when people mispronounce “poupée” as “poopy” instead of “poopay.” The Japanese spelling, “pupe,” ought to be an indication.

I have my account linked on the sidebar of the blog~ I like seeing my poupée greeting me when I check here… even if she’s wearing an outfit I coordinated days ago. I’ve already ruined my chances for perfect attendance in April, but maybe May will be a more auspicious month for me. (Maybe!)

Outfit Snap: Casual Easter Roses

Outfit Snap: Casual Easter Roses

I celebrated Easter with my family on Saturday, because of my work schedule. After some consideration, I decided to also wear lolita to work on Easter Sunday. There would be less people in the office (in fact, I only saw two other people), no chance of clients dropping by unannounced, and little work to be done. I was correct in my assessment–it really was a good day to wear lolita fashion to work! However, I still opted for something casual, instead of formal, on the chance that someone did drop by. As much as I adore being a lolita, I’d prefer to be recognized for my work rather than for my clothing habits.

I wore a beautiful BABY, the Stars Shine Bright skirt that was a gift from my little sister, but I paired it with a shirt and cardigan that I usually wear with my jeans. I usually don’t consider frilly knee-socks to be casual, because they attract a lot of attention. After considering tights I decided against them because I wanted to keep more pink in the outfit–also, I own a pair of pink socks with white roses in the pattern, and they seemed like a good choice to pair with the skirt.

Casually Pink

This picture was taken outside in the rain. The day started off beautifully. My husband surprised me at my office and took me out on a date! ♥ We were able to go to a restaurant we’d been considering but avoiding due to long waits. Well, on Easter Sunday that wasn’t a problem at all. However, when we were finished eating it started to rain! My husband evidently thought that this meant no pictures, but I am determined. He obligingly took a few when we got home before shooing me inside.

I hope everyone else enjoyed Easter, if you celebrated it! ♥ Next year I want to attend an Easter egg hunt~ Maybe I’ll try to take the Sunday off.

Outfit Snap: Times Three!

Outfit Snap: Times Three!

I’ve been procrastinating too much! I finally stopped caving into excuses and wore my finery this weekend. Besides lolita fashion, my closet is boooooooring. I absolutely-positively-definitely-completely-utterly hate clothes shopping. When I’ve been ignoring my frilly clothing for a while, I start to get into a mindset where I think that I don’t have time or energy for the effort of wearing lolita…even though it isn’t true! It doesn’t take me very long at all, and the resulting good mood is worth it ten times over~ ♥

After going through my camera when I got home on Saturday, I realized I hadn’t even posted my pictures from St. Patrick’s Day in mid-March. (Whoops!) It’s not too much of a loss–they’re not very good pictures. I went to see the St. Patrick’s Day parade on the Saturday before the actual holiday. My little sister met me, and we coordinated in almost-identical green plaid. I wore my green plaid hairbow and jumperskirt from BABY, the Stars Shine Bright, and she wore a suit-jacket and skirt set from BtSSB. We thought the plaid was identical, but upon further inspection it’s juuuuuust slightly different. (Still a little bit disappointing.)

St. Patrick's Day

I kept hearing rumors about awesome weather on Friday, and luckily they turned out to be true! I took it as an opportunity to wear my Twinkle Tartan skirt. I absolutely adore tartan, but pink is always sold out by the time I am ready to buy. I was lucky to purchase this skirt off a girl I know–and it’s such a lovely pink that I couldn’t be more satisfied!

Bows and Sneakers

The clip-on pochette is the best part, in my opinion. I have dismal luck with purses. Unless it’s attached to me, I’m probably going to leave it behind. This is one of the reasons that, when wearing my “normal” clothing, I wear a jacket even in ridiculously warm weather–without coat pockets, I don’t know where to put my stuff. The case that clips onto this skirt is the perfect size to hold all of my necessities. Since it’s attached to me, I can’t easily leave it behind, either! Win-win situation~

I tried a new style with my hair. I’ve been seeing twin buns more frequently, although usually of the teased and Mickey-Mouse-ear-esque variety, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I discovered that I have so much hair that I have to carefully form cinnamon-bun-like structures, pinning as I go, or the weight pulls it right out! x_x I kept trying to just wrap them like a “normal” bun, only to watch everything unloop and droop down as soon as the second elastic was secure.

Hair Rolls

This was also an excuse to wear my new glittery pink sneakers! My mother spotted these when we were at Old Navy. (Unfortunately, they don’t have these listed on the website, only the graphic sneakers! Such a shame!) The store we were at didn’t have my size, but another one we passed later that day did. I hadn’t worn them yet, since I don’t own a lot of things that go with sneakers. Originally I planned to wear my white tea party shoes, but my husband suggested the sneakers–a very good suggestion! They’re the same colour as the glitter stripe in Twinkle Tartan! ♥ So cool!!

To accommodate my work schedule, my family celebrated Easter on Saturday. I wanted to dress up, but didn’t want something over the top. (Okay, that’s not true. I wanted something over the top–I was thinking pink Easter bunny–but wanted to respect the fact that not everyone else shares my enthusiasm for such silly things.)

Several months ago my little sister gave me an Innocent World jumperskirt in a dusty pink hue. It matches hers, which is black. I hadn’t worn it yet, because it’s a shade of pink that doesn’t exist elsewhere in my closet. When browsing through my closet–I had thought to wear a non-lolita sundress–it caught my attention. The lilac-tinted pink reminds me of flowers and Easter eggs. Coincidentally it was the same shade as the hopping bunny wind-up toy in my Easter basket~ ♥

Easter Frills

The off-white cardigan was also from my little sister…so her kind generosity provided my Easter outfit. n_~ I think I should find an extra-special birthday present for her this year–I’d hate to have her think she’s under-appreciated. If only I could actually buy her a chicken…

Daily Life: Little Happinesses

Daily Life: Little Happinesses

Lately it’s been too easy for me to feel frustrated and stressed out. Instead of wallowing in unpleasant thoughts, I want to focus on the good things. (My life is really not that bad, seriously. I feel frustrated when I hear people complaining on-and-on about how terrible and difficult everything is for them if they are generally well, so I don’t want to be hypocritical.) I’ve been feeling very guilty about neglecting to make entries here, so at least this is a little push in the right direction.

Glitter Glitter Sneakers

Some of My Favourite Little Happinesses:

  • Wearing lace-topped knee socks to the office on Sundays
  • Getting another stamp on my Beard Papa’s punch card
  • Rainbow-coloured Easter bread from Central Continental Bakery
  • Sunlight reflected off my pink glittery sneakers
  • Being woken up by wheeking guinea pigs
  • Emailing my mother funny animated YouTube videos
  • Checking to see what is and isn’t sold-out on the Angelic Pretty website
  • Daydreaming about cuddling an usakumya
  • Looking at beautiful Volks Nono pictures on Flickr
  • Rolling around on the floor of my sparsely-furnished home
  • …Even better if my little sister has initiated the rolling
  • Having friends over to drink tea and bake cupcakes
  • Hopping onto the #8 at last-minute notice to visit my little sister
  • Poking my husband in the ribs
  • Picking up neatly-pressed lolita clothing from the dry cleaners
  • Fantasy-shopping on FredFlare for all the things I’ll never buy
  • Watching “my penguin” at the zoo
  • Changing the music in my little brother’s car
  • Eating fancy-schmancy overpriced waffles from the shop where they scream at you
  • Hearing my grandmother’s voice over the phone change when she realizes it’s me
  • Staring at my wedding ring and remembering how lucky I am

What are some of the things you are happy because of? ♥ I’m sure that everyone puts significance on different “little” things. I need to be a better Alice and pay more attention to mine!